Somehow this year seems to be going by much quicker than last year did. I imagine it’s because we’re more toward the tail end of all this coronavirus bullshit. Last year, lockdowns were just beginning. Right now, lockdowns are ending and things are returning to the abnormal way everything used to be.

For whatever reason, the mainstream media seems to be hyping up all the shootings going on. Of course, most of the media are in the same bed as the Commies Democrats. Far-left Marxist Liberal Democrats pretty much want to see the United States become the exact polar opposite of what it is. Their dream (that is, the likes of Gore, Cortez, Sanders, and all the other wackos) is to completely do away with fossil fuels, in other words, no gasoline, diesel, cars, lawnmowers, weed blowers, etc. The only cars they would allow are “green” or electric cars (or some other uber-expensive variant). Also, they would love to confiscate and completely ban all guns, including small hand guns. I’m not against an assault rifle ban. There’s no need whatsoever for common civilians to own an AK-47 or an AR-15, or similar weapon. Rifles whose sole purpose is to efficiently kill large numbers of people are totally unnecessary in the general populace. I have nothing against someone wanting to own, for example, a 9mm for their personal defense. It’s getting to where you need to be packing, especially in the larger cities.

If the political wackos had their way, middle-aged, heterosexual, Caucasian, Christian males would be either killed off or made the ethnic minority. Practically everything in the media portrays this group of people as the evilest of evil, the scum of the Earth, the lowest of lowlife. I’ll give you the fact that, throughout history, white people have been the predominant players in the game of life. However, as I say about every demographic group, the bad apples spoil the entire basket. Using myself as an example, I’m a straight white dude, 48 years old, though not necessarily religious. I’m out here just living my life, wanting to earn enough to pay my bills and put food on the table. I know most people want the same: enjoy life, have a place to sleep and be able to eat. You see all the stories of people taking a rifle and blasting the hell out of someplace, killing bunches of people. These perpetrators are almost exclusively white. Those jackoffs are the exception, and they should all be bathed in meat juices and dropped into a cage with a pack of hungry lions. Another fun thing to do to them would be cover them in honey and leave them at the mercy of a colony of fire ants.

I honestly hate how the media loves to divide everyone as much as possible, categorizing and classifying people by race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnic background, age, and every other possible category. We’re all human beings. Let’s get rid of the hyphenated designations. No more “African-American”, “Asian-American” and so forth. Why not just say “American”? Instead of trying to unify us as a nation, politicians and the media love to keep everyone divided and fighting. That’s the strategy: divide and conquer. Politicians are supposed to work for us, not the other way around. I say it’s time to clear out the old, tired, stale blood in Washington, and give Congress a transfusion. Anyone elected to Congress prior to 2009 should be automatically forced out, without their pensions or benefits, then limit Congressional terms to 10 years. Once 10 years expires, you’re out! No more career politicians! Ours is a government of the people and by the people, because it sure as hell isn’t for the people anymore.

What’s a post without an ending quote?

“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”

John Basil Barnhill

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