_______ Lives Matter

Last summer, especially after the death of George Floyd by white cops (I won’t go into the details at this time), we saw many days of riots and protests, as well as “Black Lives Matter” all over the media. More recently, people of Asian descendancy were the targets of attacks. Today, in Huntington Beach, CA, there was a demonstration put on by a group claiming “White Lives Matter”. Apparently, it was mainly KKK and white supremacists who attended, mixed with some of Trump’s “MAGA” supporters.

It’s honestly a sad thing that a group of people has to claim that so-and-so’s lives matter. Some claim that the Black Lives Matter group are only interested in black people and that only their lives matter. Of course black lives matter, as do Asian, Caucasian, Latin, European and everyone else’s lives matter. They use the mantra because black people are the ones who are the ones you see being antagonized. By the same token, all houses matter. However, if one is on fire and the neighboring one is not, which house are the firefighters going to attend to? Of course, the burning one. The other one is perfectly sound. This is the comparison with Black Lives Matter.

Now, there’s a lot of contention in the world on the subject of race. The mainstream media are quick to point out any crime where a white person is the one who is the aggressor, or when a non-heterosexual person (insert chosen identifier) is the victim of some sort. So-called hate crimes occur when the roles are reversed, but the media doesn’t sensationalize it. For many decades, black people were treated as second-class citizens, less than a human being. In the days of slavery, they were considered property. And yes, there were black slave owners.

The same kind of thing applies in cases of sexual assault and harassment. You tend to see mostly men harassing and/or raping women. However, there are numerous cases where it’s the other way around: the woman rapes or harasses the man. These cases are way underreported, as men are not seen as the victim. Men are, stereotypically, the alpha, macho, unemotional type. In the eyes of modern society, the worst person in existence is the white, middle-aged (or older), Christian, heterosexual male. This is the stereotype of the scum of the earth. Granted, it is true in many cases. Every scenario has its polar opposite, though. For example, I am a white, 48-year-old heterosexual male, though not necessarily religious. I have no issue with any other person, until I’m given a reason to. I have had all types of co-workers, for example: black, Asian, European, African, gay, straight, “pansexual”. I tend to get along with everyone (except for a few who are either annoying or just plain fucking stupid). Outside of work, I see everyone as equals. I’ll hold the door for anyone close by. I don’t care what their skin color, gender, or anything else is. I’ve met black people who were extremely polite and whites who were rude as fuck. All demographic groups have good people, as well as the bad apples that give their respective group a bad name and black eye.

And now, today’s quote:

“People know about the Klan and the overt racism, but the killing of one’s soul little by little, day after day, is a lot worse than someone coming in your house and lynching you.”

Samuel L. Jackson

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