This question goes out to whoever works directly with the public, such as retail, cashier, restaurant, etc.: Have you ever had one of those days where work was so busy and mentally draining that when you finally get off, your feet and back are terribly achy, sitting in your car feels like taking a load off, and you drive home without the radio? People who work in offices don’t qualify for this question and usually don’t feel dead when their shift is done.

Every week seems like this at work, but this last week was especially difficult. I was scheduled two 10-hour shifts in a row, which turned into about 23 hours between the two days. Busy felt like an understatement. The worst part for me wasn’t the constant barrage of order tickets or the many pounds of food that was served. Even after leaving work, the ticket printer was still buzzing in my ear. If you’ve ever heard a dot-matrix printer working, you know the sound. Even after showering and resting before bed, all night long I had the horrible nightmare of still being at work in a worst-case scenario scene. I don’t often remember my dreams, but this nightmare stood out. Imagine being closing time, but people keep coming. The doors are locked, but someone still lets them in. Hours after closing, I’m still going. All night this scene played in my mind. Even when I was semi-lucid, I couldn’t will the ungodly dream away. That’s the only thing that replayed in my mind. Needless to say, it was not a restful sleep that night.

I don’t even understand why it feels like we’re the only place to eat that’s open. I get that there has been spring break in different places over the last couple of weeks, but is it because the weather is getting hot again and travel restrictions are loosening? California is expecting to completely reopen everything in June, except for their mask mandate. Utah is doing away with the mask requirement this coming weekend, but individual businesses can decide if they still want to enforce it or not. Honestly, I would love to never need to wear a stupid mask again. After getting my second coronavirus vaccine dose in two weeks, I shouldn’t need to wear a mask, but I know that some places don’t care and will require them for everyone🤬.

I don’t pretend to know why business seems to be booming all around the area, but I do know that things are changing at work. Like the menu, for example. In a couple of weeks, some new things are rolling out, and others will be going away. The new items will excite some customers, but I don’t look forward to additional dishes on our grill line, as well as more product to stock and portion and new recipes to learn. Sometimes change is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to embrace it. Also, I don’t understand how many restaurants are trying to simplify their menus, but here is Cracker Barrel wanting to expand things further. That’s why In-N-Out has their success: they have a simple menu that they’ve perfected and don’t try to keep reinventing the wheel.

Now I finish with this quote:

“Reality is never as bad as a nightmare, as the mental tortures we inflict on ourselves.”

Sammy Davis, Jr.

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