Pranks a Lot!

Today is the first day of April—wait, what? How?! Already one-quarter of the year is gone. Where I live, school will be ending for the year in less than seven weeks. Summer is coming (yuck) and our weather is flirting with 90º. I guess Mother Nature decided, oh, it’s April? Crank the heat!

Today is historically a day of practical jokes. Honestly, though, with the entire shit show the last 16 months have been, there should be no April Fools gags. Life has been one huge practical joke since last year.

Then there’s Easter coming this Sunday. The one celebratory day that has no set date. It has entirely to do with the Vernal Equinox. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring. That’s just confusing as fuck. Even the ever-hated semi-annual time change happens on a certain day (second Sunday of March and first Sunday of November, in the US)! I’ve heard some talk of there is the possibility (however slight) of Congress actually abolishing the time changes and making “Summer Time” permanent. I’ve always said that I don’t care which direction it goes, but to make it uniform nationwide. God knows that if each state gets to choose, every state will have its own fucking time zone.

I contemplated very briefly doing my own prank of announcing the end of my blogs, but that never went very far. There’s no need for any kind of stupidity right now. There’s enough stupidity in the world already, without adding my inane contribution🤭.

On the bright side, Easter candies will be marked on clearance sometime Sunday afternoon or Monday. If there’s any left, maybe I’ll get some Reese’s eggs. I’ve decided I can’t eat Cadbury Crème Eggs anymore. For one, they’re extremely sweet and hurt my teeth. And then, there’s a meme I saw once comparing the fondant filling of the Cadbury Egg to a certain bodily fluid produced by men after their intimate bedroom activities. So, yeah, that immediately turned me off for good🤢. Yes, I tried to write that as discretely as I could. I really didn’t feel like using the meme’s blunt terminology at this time.

Why don’t you go check out my alter ego blog, “Ray’s Rants of the Week”? This coming Sunday, I write about foods that I detest, or simply just don’t like. In addition to that, there are, as of today, 136 other posts you can browse.

And now, I leave you today’s relatable quote:

“Today is April Fool’s Day. Believe nothing and trust no one…Just like any other day.”

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