Even though the calendar shows that yesterday was Friday, it was my “work Monday”, since I’d had the two previous days off. It sure as hell felt like a Monday yesterday! To start with, I went and got my first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. I have to wait a few weeks for the second dose, but it’s a start.

Usually, when I wake up in the morning and get ready for work, I’ll take my antidepressants—200mg of Sertraline (generic Zoloft). Being in a rush to get to the drive-thru vaccinations before there was a crowd, I neglected to take my meds. I went through the day, and didn’t really give any mind to my missed meds, as I’ve missed a day previously and seemed okay.

Ha! Joke’s on me! I worked yesterday afternoon—usually I’m scheduled in the morning—and work was rather busy all day. We have two flat-top grills for use on busy weekends. The one where I was working hadn’t been set up all the way, missing some things and others just thrown in the freezer haphazardly. That already started my shift off on the wrong foot. Once we got going, it was insanely busy all night, clear up until almost closing. At one point, food was taking over 30 minutes to be sent to the tables, when in a perfect world, it would be 10 minutes or less.

To make matters worse, I there was so much to make that I was getting lost to where I was cooking-wise; mostly because I had forgotten my meds. Not only is it an antidepressant, it helps keep my attitude balanced and avoids me panicking when I get overwhelmed. That hadn’t happened in quite some time, until last night. As I was stocking toward the end of my shift, in the walk-in cooler, I tripped on a wheeled dolly that was partially obstructing the walkway, and “biffed it”. Fortunately, I wasn’t seriously injured—just a little sore and a cramp in the leg. I sometimes walk with a limp, due to heel pain caused by my flat feet, but I was really limping after that. One arm is in constant pain from a rotator cuff injury a few years back, and the other was painful from the coronavirus shot I had that morning. Add the fall I took, now both arms hurt like hell. Today, I struggled to lift a 40-pound box of cat litter at Walmart. I almost didn’t put it in the basket of the electric wheelchair I was using—yes, I used an electric cart, since walking was a lesson in torture. I don’t care what people think when I grab one. If walking is too much of a challenge, you better believe I’m using a wheelchair. I might be 48 years old chronologically, but some days I feel like I’m 80, the way my body seems to be falling apart🤣. Actually, in spite of the challenges I face daily, I’m quite fortunate, as there are many people in a much worse health situation than myself.

And now, you get a quote for today:

“Monday is an awful way to spend one-seventh of your life!”

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