Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there who is absolutely appalled by the apparent inability for many people to correctly spell words in their own native language, or to use the correct words for the context of the sentence? It seems to me that in elementary school, since kids are being taught how to read and write, they learn how to spell many basic and simple words. Once they leave elementary school—6th or 7th grade—it no longer matters. Cursive is barely taught in school, and neatness doesn’t mean jack shit.

I see so many adults, even those my age, who have the most atrocious handwriting—handwriting that competes with that of doctors—and who can’t spell worth a damn. Browsing social media can be a nightmare for someone who is OCD about spelling, like myself.

For some reason, I am able to spot a typo easily. While reading a news story online, sometimes the news outlet has a link for sending a typo correction. I have used that on multiple occasions, and normally the error is fixed before too long. For me, reading something badly-spelled is painful to my brain. It hurts to read a paragraph and see misspellings. Here’s a bit of ironic trivia: the word “misspelled” is one of the most commonly misspelled words. While scrolling Facebook, I see so many spelling errors, as previously mentioned, involving “your” and “you’re”. I really, really want to comment and correct their spelling, but I don’t, as I don’t want to come across as rude or holier-than-thou.

I remember watching the TV show “Knight Rider” back in the day, and in several episodes, a button or on-screen readout used the word “override”, but one of the R’s was omitted😖🤬.

Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect when it comes to orthography. There are occasions where I write something wrong. When I notice, I tend to belittle myself (e.g., “Argh! You dumbass!”), then correct the error. My kids will make fun of me, trying to type something on my phone, but it gets spelled incorrectly, be it the swiping on the keyboard or simply fat finger syndrome. I’ll go along with it, because yeah, it’s funny because it don’t happen that often.

Another egregious mistake that irks the hell out of me is “to” and “too”. Not so much the number two, but the others. “To” is used in conjunction with verbs (“I’m going to eat”) or destination (“I’m going to the store”). You even say “I give this to you”. “Too” is an expression of excess or addition, such as “too tired” (exceedingly tired) or “Me, too” (me, also).

Some people might be getting irritated or annoyed by my ranting, possibly thinking, “What the hell, dude? You’re sounding awfully full of yourself”. Perhaps, and I get that everyone has a weak subject—I always hated English classes in school. Nonetheless, for someone who is constantly putting myself down and hating my very existence most days, I think I’m allowed to brag about myself, at the very minimum, once in an eon.

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