Pi(e) Day

It seems like I never remember that there are a couple of unofficial celebratory days in March. One is on the 10th and the other the 14th. You might be wondering what they are, so I’ll tell you.

The first one the gamer geeks might understand. Every year, 10 Mar is known as Mario day, since if you write the date like most Americans, month first then day, when you write 10 Mar down, it looks like the name Mario (MAR 10, or MAR IO). Anyone who’s ever played any Nintendo console (ranging from today’s Switch all the way back to the original NES from 35 years ago) has undoubtedly played some iteration of a Mario Bros game. I’m not going to even try to make a list, since the category is quite extensive. The most modern iteration I’ve ever played was a Mario Kart game on the Gamecube, unless you count a Dr. Mario game on an online emulator about five years ago.

The other date I mentioned is more of a math geek day. That is 14 Mar. I write my dates backward from most Americans, but 03/14 is known as Pi Day, from the number π, approximate value of 3.14 (hence the designation Pi Day). Six years ago, Pi Day took on a special meaning, since at one particular moment, the date captured π to the first nine decimal places (03/14/15 at 09:26:53, and π=3.141592653…).

Most people notice these days merely for the triviality of it. Others go out of their way to make some kind of celebration. How would one celebrate Mario Day and Pi Day? On Mario Day, you find some iteration of Mario Bros. and play that. I remember one Saturday morning back in high school, I must have spent something like 8 hours playing Super Mario 3, just to be able to beat it. Needless to say, that wasn’t a very productive day in any other aspect.

If you want to celebrate Pi Day on this beginning-of-Daylight-Saving-Time Sunday in the United States, you just have to do one simple thing: eat pie. Have a nice wedge of whatever kind of pie you desire. Wanna go crazy and have your pie à la mode? Scoop yourself some ice cream and knock yourself out. If you’re one of those people who like cheddar cheese on your apple pie, by all means treat yourself. Just don’t offer me any pie with cheese on it. It’s weird to me, but that’s because I’m originally from California, and the pie with cheese thing is definitely a New England/Midwest delicacy. The only cheese pie I’ll eat is a cheesecake. Other than that, keep the savory cheese away from my sweet pie.

Now, for today’s quote:

“An opinion, without π, is just an onion.”

Author unknown

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