Intentionally Accidental

The normally kinda busy southern Utah freeway was a nightmare again yesterday. As I left work, I got on the freeway for the usual 10-mile trek to my off-ramp to get home. A little over two miles in, I’ve past the first of four freeway exits to get home (Exits 8, 10, 13 and 16). I look in my mirror and see two ambulances approaching, lights flashing and sirens blaring. Since there are three lanes, I stay in the far right one. As I approach the next off-ramp, traffic slows to a crawl, then stops. I’m at the split for the off-ramp, but no one is moving. I hear a loud noise, then see a Life Flight helicopter coming in for a landing on the freeway. For the next roughly half hour, I’m sitting parked on the interstate. Through-traffic is stopped, and no one is allowed to divert off the freeway.

During this time stopped, I didn’t turn the motor off, but I did put the car in park, music playing from my phone through my Bluetooth transmitter. Some people were getting out of their cars to see the helicopter and try to ascertain what happened. I couldn’t see anything from the cars ahead of me, except for police and ambulance lights. Eventually, the helicopter took off, and then traffic resumed. Passing the scene, I could only see a couple of motorcycles, but no passenger cars, and no damaged vehicles.

Sometimes, a local news source, St. George News, reports on traffic accidents. God knows, enough of them happen here, especially idiots who try to turn left at an intersection, not thinking about oncoming traffic. Anyway, as I write this, I found a little blurb about the accident. It turns out that an old dude was driving his three-wheeled motorcycle on the freeway and ran over a ladder that was just chilling in the traffic lane. Yeah, someone lost their ladder and this old guy ran it over. He swerved to avoid it, and ended up smacking the concrete median. He fell off, and the bike kept going for a few yards, stopping on the right shoulder. Hopefully, the old guy comes out of this okay.

Other than this, it seems like there’s been several crashes on the freeway here recently, and I always have the misfortune of not noticing until I’m stuck in the mess. I don’t know if it’s because people are just goddamned idiots; if cabin fever has fried people’s brains, and everyone just wants to get out and drive; if people are selfish on the road; or if it’s a combination of things. Okay, people are simply dumbasses—that I’ll grant.

I’ve been in several major cities, such as Las Vegas, Salt Lake and Los Angeles, but drivers here in southern Utah seem to be worse than in these other places. People here drive aggressively and are fucking impatient. Driving is like a fight to the death. Many refuse to slow down to allow someone in front of them when the other person is merging into their lane. But, if they’re the ones merging, you sure as hell better give them space! Using blinkers? What? That’s giving up your plan to the enemy! Either they don’t use their signal at all, wait until they’ve moved over to let you know what they intended after the fact, or leave the blinker going the entire time—as if they were going around the world to the right! Oh, don’t forget, also, that “If my blinker is on, it’s because I’m coming over, whether or not I have space. Oh, I’ll ram into you if I have to, so you better back the fuck off”.🤨🤬🙄🤦‍♂️

And now, today’s quote, fitting for the subject:

“Have you ever noticed that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and that anyone driving faster than you is a maniac?”

George Carlin

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