What Day is It?

This whole crock of bullshit that is the Coronavirus has made many people completely lose track of time. Few people can tell you off the top of their heads what the date is or the day of the week. At least I haven’t screwed up on the year yet! Remember when people used to write checks? For a couple of months, they’d write the previous year on the check? Using now as an example, someone would write 05 Mar 2020, rather than “2021”🤭.

I knew that the anniversary of the origin of this blog, “Preposterous Ponderings…,” was close, but I had to go back on Instagram to check it out. It began when my job at Cracker Barrel suddenly furloughed all hourly employees when indoor dining was paused, due to the beginnings of the coronavirus pandemic last year. On the first day of not working, I started writing a type of online diary. I’d write my daily thoughts as things happened. That was on 03/22/20. A few days later, I called it “Quarantine Files”. Once I started working again, it morphed into “After the Quarantine”. The posts I made originally were to my other blog’s (“Ray’s Rants of the Week”) Instagram and Facebook feeds. Once June 2020 rolled around, I began a new blog account and acquired a second domain. I began writing, simply titling “Day 01”, “Day 02”, etc., for two months. It was in August that I began giving each post a simple title reflecting the content.

It’s a little weird to think that it’s been nearly a year that I’ve been writing, nearly every day. I had to scale back some after August, as work took up a lot of my time, energy and ambition. In the 348 days since my first quarantine post, I’ve made a total of 256 posts, 185 currently archived on this website, and another 71 I did, available to be seen on Instagram.

How often do you catch yourself confused as to what day we’re on? If it weren’t for work, I’d be even worse off in that department. I know what my days off have been, and I go around that accordingly. Thinking back to last March – May, I completely lost track of the day of the week. I wasn’t working at all, and my kids weren’t in school, so every day felt like a Saturday.

Let’s be honest here for a minute. I thought that, since I had so much time at home, I could get some projects done. Ha! I would end up sleeping until noon and, though I did nothing, I didn’t have the ambition to really do anything significant. If you were quarantined, did you feel the same way? I highly doubt many people were very active during a lockdown period! I would say it was like a two-month vacation, but it wasn’t anything near fun. It did make me realize, however, how much I was working and how I was getting really burnt out. Probably the one thing I honestly miss from being on furlough was the $600/week federal unemployment boost.

Need a quotation? Here’s one:

“Do you ever notice how sometimes all day Wednesday, you keep thinking it’s Thursday? And it happens over and over all day long, and then the next day, you’re all right again.”

George Carlin, “Jammin’ in New York”

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