You may or may not have seen the news recently, regarding Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. He was impeached, and being tried for, inciting his followers in the riot that took place in Washington, DC, on 06 Jan 2021.

Even though Trump has left office, and Joe Biden is now the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this impeachment and trial proceeded, so that, if convicted, Trump would be prohibited from ever running for a federal political office again. It turns out that on Saturday, 13 Feb 2021, Trump was acquitted in the Senate. Depending on your views, you will see that as fortunate or unfortunate. This now means that, if he wants to, he could theoretically run for President again in 2024.

In my opinion, Trump should not run again. If he did, most people with even the slightest bit of common sense will remember the circus at the Capitol in January. Also, they should reflect upon the fact that just about every social media platform out there has banned Trump permanently. Granted, he is not a politician and does not speak like one, his social media posts, especially his Tweets, sounded like they were written by a 4th grader. Actually, many 9- and 10-year-olds can write better than he did. Shit, he couldn’t even spell worth a damn (remember the “hamburders” and “covfefe”?).

Unfortunately, however, Trump’s die-hard follower base will vote for him, no matter what he says or does. I still see a lot of Trump flags flying around where I live. It’s like people don’t know how to move on. Trump lost, he’s out of office and his successor is now in the Oval Office. Let’s take those stupid flags down and get over it.

Anyway, back to the Senate trial. The US Senate currently is split—50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. If there’s ever a tie vote, the President of the Senate (currently Kamala Harris) casts the tie-breaking vote. In the case of an impeachment trial, a ⅔ vote is required to convict (which comes out to 67 votes). Even though seven Republicans voted to convict Trump, the vote was 57 – 43, ten votes shy of what was needed. Several Republicans who voted for acquittal cited their reason as because Trump is “former President”. I think that that’s nothing more than a really lame cop-out. I think that Trump violated his Oath of Office, since he did not “faithfully execute the office of President…” Whether you think Trump is guilty, you have to give credence to this: if Trump had no part in inciting or instigating those jackasses, he would have immediately condemned their actions and called out the National Guard to restore order and help police arrest people. Instead, he was dead silent about everything. The only reason the Guard came was because Pence called them. Were it not for the VP, the National Guard would’ve never appeared. The whole situation pisses me off, and I am so happy Trump is gone. Of course, by no means am I pleased with Biden. I hated the choices we had—two rich, old white men. One a narcissist, the other a creepy people-sniffer.

I now leave you today’s quote:

“There’s a nice campaign slogan for somebody: ‘The public sucks, fuck hope.’”

George Carlin

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