DC Madness

Yesterday we got a front row seat, via TV or the internet, to outright madness and stupidity in the nation’s Capital. Washington DC was ground zero for a riot—the media called it “pro-Trump protest”, but anyone with a lick of common sense knows that was a riot. Hundreds of redneck-looking, Duck Dynasty-resembling yahoos stormed, entered and desecrated the Capitol building, causing the Electoral College confirmation to be delayed until later in the evening.

This was the first time in over 200 years that anyone has done anything like this at the Capitol (the last time being during the War of 1812). I imagine security is normally fairly tight. It should not have been that easy to gain access. Many think these jackoffs had some inside help. The Capitol Police certainly weren’t trying to fight off the jackasses. It is a majority opinion that they had help from WAY inside, i.e., Donald Trump himself. After all, calling up the National Guard was done by Pence, not Trump. Trump has never condemned everything that happened. The video he posted on social media, where he said, yet again, that the election was stolen and that everyone should go home, remember this day, and “we love you”, was removed.

Twitter gave him a 12-hour suspension. Facebook and Instagram have permanently suspended his accounts, though they haven’t yet been removed completely. I think every trace of this douchebag should be scrubbed from social media.

Many have said since 2016 that Trump was a dangerous person, and in the last two months he’s been showing his true colors. His narcissistic/psychopathic personality craves the attention that being President has given him. He can’t stand to let that go. He’s been the center of attention for over 4 years, and he can’t bear to relinquish it. He just barely has conceded the election and says the transfer of power will be peaceful, but unless he’s removed from office in the next 13 days, I will not be in the least bit surprised if he tries to invoke martial law to maintain his position. I think he’s just crazy enough to take a shot at it.

Congress is talking about the 25th Amendment and/or impeachment once again. The 25th Amendment gives the VP/Cabinet the power to deem the President unfit to hold office and remove him, giving the VP the power of acting President. If that doesn’t happen, Congress is drawing up new articles of impeachment based upon events of the last couple of days. I saw a video of Trump and his kids/buddies watching everything live on monitors. Trump Jr turns his camera on himself and basks in the chaos. Old man Trump silently watching everything unfolding, not doing a damned thing. Even if someone wants to believe he didn’t incite anything, just in this video he would be complicit in the riots, simply for not doing a fucking thing to prevent it.

I have a feeling that once Trump is out, now or in two weeks, a bunch of legal action will be happening, to attempt to put Trump, Trump Jr, Giuliani and god-knows-who-else in prison. Whether this happens or not, no one knows.

Had things been differently, had the invaders been non-white folks, there would have been massive gunfire and tons of arrests. Unfortunately 4 died (one shot, the other three with “medical issues”), and very few were arrested. Compare protests a year ago and yesterday at the same place. Last year, cops were in full riot gear and armed to the hilt. Yesterday, the lowlifes roamed freely, vandalizing offices, breaking windows and stealing lecterns. The Confederate battle flag was present in the Capitol for the first time ever. Lawlessness ensued, and very few were punished. DC looked like someone opened the zoo gates and let all the wildlife loose.

Steve Harvey (“Family Feud”) does a morning radio show. In today’s closing remarks, he said a few interesting things. I will leave you with the video, and then the quote of the day:

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

Dante Alighieri

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