A New Year

Congratulations, everyone. We have survived. The dumpster fire known as 2020 is now behind us. Hopefully, we don’t speak of it ever again! I missed the last couple of posting days, due to lots of stress, both at work and at home, as well as some drama at home. Then again, who doesn’t have drama to some extent at home?

Many people abide by the tradition of “New Year’s resolutions”, whereby they have some kind of goal they set for themselves for the upcoming year. Some want to lose weight, others want a different job. Still others want to save “x” amount of money. One of the people I’m friends with on Facebook posted this week their goal of saving $50,000 this year. I could never do that, since I don’t even make that much in a year. More power to you, I say.

I don’t do the whole resolutions thing. I’m just going to continue to be the same loveable asshole I always have been. I’m not going to lose any weight, since my diet is crap food and I drink way too much soda and energy drinks. That’s a big reason I haven’t donated plasma in probably a couple of years—too much caffeine, not enough protein. That’s something I’ve never understood. The plasma collection center here is BioLife Plasma Services. They check vital signs, protein and iron levels at every visit. Every few months, they do a blood draw and check protein levels that way. Every time I do a blood draw, they say my protein is “out of range”, and I need to wait a week, do a new blood draw, then, if it looks good, get passed off by a doctor (that visits once a week). If you’re out of range again, you have to wait more. But, they never tell you what “out of range” means, or what you can eat to fix it. Also, apparently, protein bars aren’t the “right protein”. Then, what the hell is the “right protein”?

I mean, I loved being able to donate plasma. You go twice a week and get paid for each visit. Recently, they were running a special where new donors (or those who haven’t gone in a long time) could get $100 a visit—around $700 in a month. When I last went, they were paying around $90 a week for the most diligent donators. Honestly, anything made there is decent. Even if I only got $200 in a month, that was always a huge help.

Maybe I should try to start going back again. I just don’t want to be like one guy I work with, who drinks upwards of two gallons of water the day before a donation, then having to take a piss every 20 minutes. Also, in order to go back, I would have to do a new blood draw and wait for the result, and hope for an “in range” result. Not exactly my idea of a good time. Sure, I could use the money, but it seems like an awful lot of work.

What are you hoping for in this new year? Did you set any kind of goal? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Let’s start 2021 off with a quote (related to the year just ending):

“Enjoy the good times, because something terrible is probably about to happen.”

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