Oh, FFS!

It was totally accidental, but now I’m in the doghouse with my kid. I understand his frustration, I just wish he’d calm himself down.

Here’s the deal: while he was at work yesterday, I was doing some cleaning in the house. I vacuumed downstairs, then came upstairs. I vacuumed one bedroom, then the other. While I was in the boys’ bedroom, I accidentally backed into the nightstand on which his PlayStation 4 console sat. I heard something crash behind me, and when I looked, my heart sank, as the PS4 had fallen to the ground. It was off at the time, so I picked it up and went about my business. After he got home, I told him what had happened. He turned it on, and it sounded normal, but there was no video. He tried another HDMI cable…nothing. I tried the first cable in my laptop to a different TV…cable is fine. Looking at the console itself, it looks like the HDMI port on the unit is damaged.

On a previous occasion, he and his brother got into a fight, and in the squabble, his original PS4 got knocked down. On that one, the hard drive and optical drive were shot. Eventually, I bought another PS4 from a pawn shop (the one that fell today). Long story short, right now, two PS4s each have some kind of problem. He’s pissed, slamming doors open and closed. I completely understand his frustration; if something happened to my laptop or my phone I would be livid. I just wish he channeled his frustration differently.

There is a guy in town that does repairs on these game systems, but it’s gonna run me anywhere from $65 – $100 for the fix. Right now, money is extremely tight after being out of work half the month because of the damned pandemic virus and falling behind on all my bills. Apparently, this game console is one of his only forms of entertainment, being introverted like me and disliking hanging out and socializing. As I mentioned, I wish he’d channel his frustrations differently.

The problem I have at the moment is that I didn’t even bump the console intentionally. Do I feel bad about it? Of course I do. No one wants their expensive electronics broken, and that’s money for repairs that none of us have at the moment. Shit, I can’t even pay rent this month, but I have gotten in touch with my landlords to see if we can come up with a satisfactory payment plan for this month’s rent, due this coming week.

When I saw that console laying on the ground, having fallen from about three feet up, I had a bad feeling something got damaged. Hopefully it’s just the HDMI port, and not something more serious, like the motherboard or a graphics card. I really, really don’t want to shell out another $200 for another pawn shop console. I guess we can just add this to the bullshit antics of 2020. Even five days away from the end of the year, I can’t seem to catch a break🙄!

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