Christmas Day

We’ve made it to Christmas Day, which means that exactly one week from today marks the beginning of 2021. Hopefully the disaster that was 2020 will not be repeated in the coming year.

My Christmas Day began with the tradition of cooking breakfast—scrambled eggs (with cheese, onion, green pepper and tomato), bacon and hash brown potatoes. After that, the boys opened their presents. It’s a shame my daughter couldn’t make it this year; even though she was on FaceTime during the presents, it wasn’t quite the same. However, because all of us got the coronavirus at the beginning of the month, no one was working for about two weeks, including my daughter. She did not have the money to be able to drive out here, since she was not working herself.

Later, I began to prepare our dinner. The preparation actually began last night, when I took the prime rib roast and seasoned it all over with salt and pepper. Nothing fancy. Last year I believe I slathered the meat with a garlic butter, but this year, just salt and pepper. Then I let it sit in the fridge all night. A couple of hours before cooking, I left the meat on the counter to come up closer to room temperature. From there, I put it in a high oven (like 450°) for 20 minutes to sear the outside and form a crust, then lowered to about 325°. When the meat finally got to 115°, after about 90 minutes (I think my oven is off a tad—the dial said 325°, but the thermometer inside was around 300°), I pulled it and rested it for 25 minutes. While that baked, I cooked and mashed red skin potatoes. The rest of dinner consisted of box stuffing, corn cobettes, sliced pineapple (not canned, but an actual pineapple), and biscuits—refrigerated dough, of course—with brown sugar cinnamon butter, similar to what Cracker Barrel uses on their loaded sweet potatoes.

When I sliced into the prime rib, I first thought it was slightly overcooked. To my surprise, however, it actually turned out a perfect medium rare, with a slightly more cooked edge where the seasoning crust formed. There was no au jus, but it didn’t need it. Just a little horseradish on the meat was the perfect complement.

This Christmas wasn’t perfect for me, but it was successful, even though one of my children couldn’t be here. I am thankful that I have a place to live and that I was able to have such a nice dinner. I somehow caught the coronavirus three weeks ago, but I’ve since recovered and have the health to be able to work again. I know some people whose loved ones have died from this nasty coronavirus and others who either spent time in the hospital, or had loved ones be hospitalized for months because of this damned virus. I was extremely lucky that for me, the virus was not much more than feeling like the flu coming on. I had aches all over and fatigue. I did not lose smell or taste, nor have a fever.

We’ve managed to survive 360 days of this nightmare; only 6 more remain. Earlier in the year, it seemed like time was dragging; days felt like decades. Somehow, time accelerated again, and now we’re in the last week of the year. I feel that things will continue wacko for some time; hopefully that amount of time expires quickly and things feel more normal again very soon.

I leave with you a humorous quote for today:

Santa Claus has the right idea — visit people only once a year.”

Victor Borge

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