Any Reason?

Hello, everyone! I’m back, after working overnight shifts the last three days, in preparation for tomorrow’s throng of customers. I don’t know what impact the pandemic will bring to inside dining, but I hope we’re ready for it. We baked around 300 pies, cooked and sliced 125 turkey breasts (not including the ones that came in pre-cooked for “heat & serve” meals), ground enough cornbread and biscuits to make tons of cornbread dressing (“stuffing”), and cooked something like 80 of the #10 size cans of green beans (the big bulk cans that contain something like 7 lbs of green beans each. It’s good that only part of the normal menu is being offered, as many people who go to eat at work will opt for the Turkey & Dressing dinners.

Many places are entering into shutdowns and lockdowns; places like Los Angeles County are going so far as to close even outdoor dining in restaurants, leaving drive-thru or delivery as the only options. Just like the people in the restaurant industry in California, I have some thoughts on this.

What scientific evidence is there to support that dining on an outside table is a spreader of coronavirus? How is it that people can gather in a home for Thanksgiving, but not eat at spaced tables in the open air at a restaurant? On the radio last night, a doctor from Orange County, California, was asked about this very topic. He said there is no evidence, and that shutting down outdoor restaurant dining is not necessary. The first people who should be getting sick in restaurants are the workers, and that is just not happening in general. Even one of the Los Angeles County commissioners is urging not to shut restaurants down.

What I don’t understand is why is the restaurant industry being penalized during this newest infection surge? How is it that more-potentially-infectious places remain open? If these places do get shut down, how to the furloughed workers pay their bills? Those bills don’t pay themselves. Is there going to be another government unemployment stimulus to help these people? Is the government simply doing what it can to reign people in and maintain control with a tight fist? I am imagining it is possible, especially if you factor in, for example, the curfew that Los Angeles County enacted, between the hours of 22:00 to 05:00, “temporarily” until late December.

All this still leads me to believe that something really big and scary is approaching, albeit still just out of sight. I just can’t figure out yet what that might be. If you believe the rampant theories, a “Big Brother” scenario is being played out, combined with the “last days” mentioned in the Biblical book of Revelations, where there will be a mark of the beast, whereby no one will be able to engage in commerce without it. Many think the upcoming coronavirus vaccines will have a nano-chip which will be used for such a purpose. Others feel that it might be simply the facemask, as those are ubiquitous and many stores will refuse service to unmasked people. It is widely-held belief that we are on the brink of ushering in a cashless society, whereby all transactions are electronic and traceable. We had a taste of this earlier in the year, with the so-called “coin shortage”. Could that have been a test run for an eventual total elimination of cash? Perhaps the answers will reveal themselves in 2021…

I leave now the quote of the day:

“Just as we responded following the 11 Sept 2001 terrorist attacks and just as an earlier generation rallied in a united front to fight World War II, members of Congress must respond to the coronavirus pandemic without regard to our party affiliation.”

Abigail Spanberger

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