I’m actually just dropping by to mention that since next week is Thanksgiving week, my job is going to be taking a lot of my time and attention. I’m scheduled to work 61 hours between Saturday, 11/21 and Friday, 11/27. I may or may not be able to post things every day, but I’ll do what I can. I have some saved posts. I just have to remember to set them up.

I have three shifts where I’m working overnight, along with one of my fellow cooks, from 20:00 to 08:00; twelve hours a night getting things prepared for the onslaught of Thanksgiving Day. It’s a brutally busy day historically, one that just a couple of people, usually minors, are off. Everyone else works. It feels like a zoo while working, people going back and forth doing one thing or another. Four convection ovens constantly baking turkey, sweet potato casserole, ham, stuffing, etc.; four steam kettles going non-stop cooking vegetable sides, boiling bags of premade mashed potatoes and turkey gravy.

Happily for me, my daughter is flying in from Kansas to visit for Thanksgiving. She arrives next week, and I might have to make the sacrifice to get her after one of my overnight shifts. Fortunately, I have a son who can drive down there; I can attempt to nap on the way. She moved back there a little over two months ago. We’ve FaceTimed, but it’s not the same as being able to give her a hug.

It’s a short post tonight, but I just wanted to give a heads-up on what’s up next week. As I always post in my weekly blog, be safe and be well.

For now, here is the quote of the day:

“Wait until you have made a definitive decision, about whatever it is that you are pondering, and then make a public announcement.”

Robert Parish

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