For the longest time, I was my home internet access through TDS Telecom, as I also had my TV through them. In the beginning, it wasn’t bad, but after a while, my bill kept going up and up—it got to nearly $250/month for both. And the TV wasn’t even good. My upstairs TV would hardly get a signal and the Wi-Fi eventually turned to crap. I finally got fed up and cancelled both, as no one in the house really watched broadcast TV anyway. The biggest problem I had was the way TDS routed their service. I live in a townhome subdivision, and the cable is routed from the main box to the first unit and from there to the next and so on. Instead of a direct line, my service came through several units, so it degraded a little with each unit. As many times as I complained, they never dealt with the problem.

Around July of this year, I finally got fed up enough to say fuck TDS and switched internet providers. The one I have now is called Infowest. Coincidentally, I was a customer with them some 25 years ago. I haven’t had a single problem with them, and their pricing is decent. I have dedicated service to my house, the signal is always good and the speeds are decent.

Well, that is, until my neighbors asked for a favor. Our neighbor, who recently went through a separation, asked to borrow our Wi-Fi “for a couple of days”. They’ve always been nice people, so we agreed. Then, her new boyfriend moved in with her. Next, our Wi-Fi seemed to start lagging and becoming crappy again.

I think they had all their stuff hooked up to my Wi-Fi. I got sick of it and changed my password. Suddenly, they were begging us for the password, which we decided not to give. I’ve seen too many cases where any given person would use someone else’s Wi-Fi, then they go and commit something illegal. The cops would come after the owner of the wireless signal, rather than the actual culprit. I really don’t want to risk shit like that, so I’m never doing that again!

For the last few days, I’d forgotten the new router password, since it made me change the default one. I looked up how to restore the default, and attempted it. Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find my Wi-Fi anymore! Frustrated, since I couldn’t access the internet, except on my phone’s mobile data, I tried to connect my laptop via Ethernet. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I finally got into the router settings. Turns out, the reset I did changed everything back to default, including the SSID name (the actual network name, which I changed back to what I was using before, my last name). I guess I could’ve named it anything. I’ve seen weird names ranging from FBI White Van”, “FBI Surveillance Van”, “Booger”🤢, “Get your own, sucker!”🤨 and even Can I Buy You a Fish Sandwich?”🤔 Sure, my name isn’t very original, but maybe I’ll get creative and put something totally bizarre sometime. Any suggestions?

Just for you, the quote of the day:

“All coffee shops now have WiFi. Why bring a book when you could be wittily attacking some idiot columnist on Twitter, or responding to your date requests, or posting a picture of your foot? All of that is more gripping and immediate and social than books.”

Russell Smith

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