Restarting the Cycle

What should I write about today? What seems to pique my interest? The governor of Utah has declared a statewide mask mandate, due to the apparent spike in positive coronavirus infections. Not deaths, just people who have caught it. Extracurricular school activities are on hold until just before Thanksgiving. So what happens after that? Are we going into another lockdown, whereby everything closes up again? Is Gov. Herbert going to take a cue from California governor Gavin Screw-loose Newsom and shut everything down🙄? If so, someone in the government better get ready to pony up some big bucks to pay my bills.

I’ve been hearing rumors of a shutdown, or at least a bunch of “what if” talk lately. I’ve also noticed a return of Hoarding 2.0—people are grabbing all the toilet paper they can find. It’s so much that Costco has re-instated the limit of 1 toilet paper or paper towels. Walmart, where I saw an empty toilet paper aisle, is limiting cleaning supplies and sanitizing wipes to 1 per customer. Somehow, hand sanitizer remains plentiful, for now. People can go buy all the flour they want to, as I still have plenty from back in March/April. By now, everyone knows that corona is not a respiratory illness. So why in the hell are people hoarding toilet paper again? It makes no fucking sense. All these dipshits are doing by their panic buying and hoarding is scaring others and inciting everyone to go into panic purchase mode.

On a serious note, I am not at all excited to see what sorts of bullshit Biden is going to do once he gets anointed inaugurated. I’m pretty damn sure there’s going to be a national mask mandate; I’m dreading, but expecting, there to be a national lockdown, as being done in England, France and who-knows-how-many other places.

I am convinced further that the era of semi-cheap gas is going to come to a swift halt. I can see fuel double in price (at the minimum) with Biden and his tree-hugger cronies. The world’s climate is cyclical. There has been many eras where the climate was hot, then there were ice ages. Just because the world’s weather is supposedly getting hotter, we’re supposed to completely abandon our way of life, going back to how people lived 500 years ago? You can have my gas-powered cars when I’m dead.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t expect Biden to even finish his term. I think he’s either going to die or become incapacitated somehow, where Kamala Harris will take his place. After that, she’ll appoint one of her far-left Marxist cronies to become her vice president. I can picture her putting in some bitch like Nancy Pelosi, or worse yet, Alexandria Cortez. I’ve said numerous times, it didn’t matter who won the election, this country would be fucked either way. My view is that Biden is just going to shove his dark blue, Viagra-enhanced dick (he’s 77; he probably can’t even get a hard-on by himself) right into the asshole of Americans, raw and dry. That’s how he defines “public service”.

The quote of the day follows:

“We already know that the experience of lockdown is a mixed bag. It is increasingly recognised that for many it can be hellish. Enforced leisure – if you are crippled with worry about debts, insecure job prospects, your family’s health – is no holiday.”

Claire Fox

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