“Au Revoir, Octobre!”

Today we bid good riddance to October. It is the night where kids of all ages dress in some kind of costume and go have some fun. The little ones go around door-to-door asking for candies, many adults go to a party and partake of some adult drinks.

Of course, not everyone does these things. Never have I ever been invited to any kind of Halloween party. I don’t dress in costume, since I have no need to. I guess it’s okay I’ve never been invited to a party, but it kinda sucks, because I’d like to feel included, even if I might not attend.

Not only is tonight “All Hallows’ Eve”, it’s also a full moon. In fact, it’s a blue moon, since there was one earlier this month. On top of all this, it is tonight at 02:00 that most of the United States changes their clocks back one hour, repeating the one o’clock hour. The sun will rise earlier, but it will also set earlier. Darkness will fall at something like 17:30.

I find it hilarious that people call the summer and fall solstices the longest and shortest days of the year. While those are the days with the most and least amount of sunlight, respectively, they still each remain roughly 24 hours in length. Technically, the longest and shortest days of the year are the first Sunday of November and the second Sunday in March, respectively. With the one-hour advancement of the clock in March, that day really only has 23 hours. Yet, on the first Sunday of November, clocks retreat one hour, leaving us with a 25-hour day🤯.

Most places in the US simply have an earlier sunset during the 17 weeks of Standard Time. The extreme exception is at the northern tip of Alaska, in a settlement formerly called Barrow (it goes by some Eskimo name now). It is located at 71°17’N latitude, and is the northernmost town in the US, way above the Arctic Circle. In that little place, the sun will set completely on 19 Nov, and will only begin to rise on 22 Jan (even then, there will only be about 46 minutes of daylight). The other way around, between 11 June and 01 Aug next year, the sun will not set at all. Can you imagine in the winter being dark at noon, or in the summer, having the sun up at midnight? That would be so damn freaky. I’d have to sleep in a goddamned closet or cover my bedroom windows with aluminum foil. I absolutely cannot sleep when there’s light shining in my room.

Goodbye, October. It was real. It was fun, but it certainly wasn’t real fun. Coming up tomorrow: Jumanji, level 11. Before that, the quote of the day:

“That money talks, I’ll not deny, I heard it once: It said, ‘Goodbye.’”

Richard Armour

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