Back in the beginning of the month, I was totally over the summer heat, dying for the cooler weather to arrive. Today, it arrived briefly with a vengeance, but will give way to warmer weather for a couple of weeks😖. Today’s 49° is a beautiful change from the heat. Unfortunately, though, we’re supposed to climb back to like 75° for Halloween, and broaching 80° next week sometime. Why can’t we just chill in the 40s during the day and like 20° at night?

I know people who absolutely love the heat; I am not one of those people. The heat and I do not play nicely with each other. I can always put another blanket on the bed or wear a jacket to warm up in winter, but in the heat of summer, you could lie bare naked on a cool tile floor, and still not feel relief. On those hot days at work, the walk-in cooler and freezer are my best friends. Today at work, while others were complaining that they were freezing their asses off with the door open during deliveries, I was glorying in the chilly breeze, as I work around a 400° grill, two 350° fryers, a heated pass-through window, bread warmers and a steam line full of food.

Enough of the weather. What are your thoughts about the holiday season? Here we are, almost Halloween. Costumes and candy were on display practically in the beginning of September, with Christmas shit in the beginning of October. It seems that Christmas, and its associated merchandise, comes out a little earlier every year. Poor Thanksgiving is buried in a small pocket between Halloween garb and Christmas crap. How come each holiday is not given its own due anymore? Why is Christmas so fucking commercialized?

Black Friday sales traditionally would begin at like 06:00 on the day after Thanksgiving. Then the times got earlier—moving to midnight, and eventually to Thanksgiving evening. The idea of spending time with the family over Thanksgiving dinner was giving way to the almighty dollar. Millions of people were forgoing traditions, in search of bargains on the latest doodads for the end-of-year gift exchanges, which many times, are promptly returned to the store the following morning.

If anything good has come out of this year’s pandemic, it’s the fact that many large retailers, including Target and Walmart, will be closing on Thanksgiving. Corona has put the kibosh on Black Friday Thursday shit for now. The Black Friday debacle will actually take place on Friday this year. Let’s see how many people get into fistfights over a big-screen TV, or get shot in a toy store, or even worse, trampled to death by throngs of the selfish mob of lowlifes wanting to be the first to grab some discounted electronics.

To finish for today, here is the quote of the day:

“I’m so depressed. Christmas is the worst of all. Holidays are terrible, worse than Sundays. I get melancholia.”

David O. Selznick

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