Your Vote Don’t Count

It is looking like Nature has decided we should go straight from summer to winter, then back to fall in one week. A storm is blowing through, and we go from nearly 80° yesterday, to less than 70° today, to 48° tomorrow, and back to almost 75° for Halloween. Three weeks ago, I was complaining about the near-100° weather, now we’re looking at lows around freezing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching about the cold—I hate summer heat with a passion. The part that sucks in the cold is the wind. Wind plus cold equals freeze your ass off, especially when the wind is in excess of 35 mph.

With the presidential election in a little over a week, there has been a huge emphasis on voting, especially from people on the political left. There’s a really big push to get people to vote, especially for Biden, as everyone on the left wants to remove Trump from office at all costs. Even some who identify as Republicans want him out.

People go on social media posting their “I voted” stickers. Okay, so you voted. Congratulations. You can bitch and moan all you want, but I really think I am going to sit this election out😲😱. I can already hear the reactions of shock. I can hear the “but if you don’t vote, it’s your fault who doesn’t win” line of crap, or the “but your vote matters” bullshit. First of all, I don’t like either choice we are presented. Other parties don’t matter—they’re just a throwaway vote. They don’t have the power, influence or money that the elephant and the jackass do. Also, when has the popular vote ever mattered? Trump and George W. Bush both won the election, while receiving less popular votes. It’s all about the electoral vote. I mean, if the election were decided strictly on popular vote, the Democrat would win every time, since the population of Los Angeles County is greater than that of 13 states combined (MN, WI, MD, MO, TN, IN, AZ, MA, WA, VA, NJ and NC). Add to that New York (both those areas vote Democrat 12 out of 10 times), and much of the country’s vote would pretty much become moot.

And you really think you have a choice? Shit, the election has already been decided. There’s a group hidden somewhere who are the ones really running the show. Politicians are thrown in just to give people the illusion that they have a choice and that their vote matters. It really doesn’t. One vote among a few million really does not make one iota of difference.

Does casting a ballot and making a useless choice make you feel better? Go for it. Choose which candidate you prefer, that you think is the lesser of two evils. Either way, they’re both a couple of old, white dudes who give less than a shit about the public. Whatever keeps them in office with their privileges and continues to grease their filthy palms, that’s where their loyalty lies.

Today’s quote of the day follows, and it’s kinda lengthy:

“People are fucking nuts. This country is full of nitwits and assholes. Do you ever notice that? Oh, my goodness, yes. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Nitwits, assholes, fuck ups, scumbags, jerk offs and dipshits. And they all vote. They all vote, yeah. In fact, sometimes you get the impression They’re the only ones who vote. You can usually tell who’s been doing the voting by looking at the fucking election returns. Man, it sure ain’t me out there wasting my time with a meaningless activity like that. You know those people on the “Jerry Springer Show”, those are the average Americans. Oh, yeah, believe me. Below average can’t get on the show. Can’t get on. Below average is sitting home watching that shit on TV, getting ready to out and vote, filling out their sample ballot. People are fucking dumb.”

George Carlin, “Life is Worth Losing”

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