Whatever happened to the days of people being “real”? Days when people were who they were, not putting on a show? I guess there have always been some people like that, but it seems like today, everyone has their own little show going on.

Social media has turned so many people upside down, inside out and topsy-turvy. There is a huge desire to “keep up with the Joneses” on many platforms. Instagram and Facebook are two huge culprits in this. People post pictures on their profiles, normally of some happy time, family gathering or trip they’re taking. Maybe they’ve posted a meal they’ve made or enjoyed out. Admittedly, I’ve posted many cakes I’ve made and decorated at home. Some see these posts and want to try to “one-up” others.

Teenagers and twenty-somethings, the late Millennials and early “Gen Z” are especially prone to online superficiality. Many of these people do whatever they can, or post whatever they feel like will give them the most likes. If their post doesn’t get at least ‘x’ number of likes, they get pissed. Oh, and they have to have their followers. Some go to absurd lengths to get some celebrity with millions of followers to follow them back.

Life, however, is not a bed of roses. Life sucks; life’s a bitch. Everyone has their good and bad times—some more than others. Seemingly, very few people really give a crap about their “friends” (people on their friends list or their followers) when they experience bad times. I have made long-winded Facebook posts dealing with how I’m really feeling; a few people responded and genuinely were concerned, while the vast majority of others didn’t even so much as give a reaction. I don’t much care about the likes on social media; I’d much rather someone reach out to show they want to help.

For simplification, I’m going to insert the random name Bart. If, for example, Bart is always making negative posts, how life is really hard for him, or this bad thing happened, or his car broke down, his apartment got ransacked, or whatever else, without ever posting anything positive, it is said that he is nothing but a “negative Nancy”, and it is very likely he will be ignored. People don’t like constant negativity, for the most part. Maybe Bart is just screaming for help, reaching out for a helping hand, or even some words of encouragement. I read somewhere that 80% of people don’t care about your problems, while 20% are glad you have them. Okay, those numbers might be rounded off, while including a percent or two of those genuinely concerned. If you’ve ever seen my feed or timeline, you’ll see I don’t post much. If anyone knew what really happened behind the scenes, they’d end up like, “ha-ha, fuck you”.

Seriously, though, the various social media have turned people into these shallow beings who are only interested in physical appearances. If you’re hot, awesome. If you have a great personality, but ugly as sin, you’re outta luck!

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