Chicken Pot Pie

As I mentioned before, I made chicken pot pie for dinner. I posted pictures on my personal Instagram, but I’ve decided to make one the cover picture for today. Things started okay, but then I almost had to scrap the project when I had a problem with the oven.

Here’s the deal: We got this Maytag stove free from someone on Facebook. The cooktop was fine, but the oven wouldn’t work. Turns out the igniter was bad. We replaced it, then it worked fine. Until today, that is. There is no electrical outlet behind the stove, and the cord is rather short, so someone decided to plug it into a power strip. While preparing the pot pie filling, the oven was heating, and I was thawing chicken in the microwave. Unfortunately, the two outlets are on the same breaker, so while using the two appliances, an outlet breaker tripped. Turning the oven back on, there was no longer flame under the bottom panel, and it wouldn’t heat back up. I guess the igniter shorted out again.

Now, I’m getting pissed because I was planning to make dinner, and was in the process of preparing it. Everything was ready, except the oven. My son disconnected the stove and we brought our old one back in the house. That one needs no electricity. Once lighting the pilot, I was on my way again.

This pot pie was totally made from scratch, except for the refrigerated pie crust. I cooked carrots, onion, celery and potatoes, added chicken broth and flour, then mixed in heavy cream and seasoned with garlic, thyme, parsley, salt and pepper. A little egg wash on the top to make the crust golden, then bake at 375°, and about an hour later (bake and rest time), dinner was ready.

It was very tasty, except I think I should have added a little more salt and pepper. Otherwise, it was yummy. The recipe I used ended up making two pot pies, using a 9″ round cake pan. I underestimated how much would be eaten, because I put the second one in the freezer for another day. Next time I make this, I’m gonna bake both pies.

The only one who didn’t care for it was my 15-year-old, simply because he hates vegetables. Frankly, you couldn’t even taste the onions or celery, since they were cooked. In the future, I should experiment more with this, by adding some broccoli. I realize most pot pies have peas in them, but I don’t really care for peas, so that’s out.

I think chicken pot pie is a nice meal, since it’s versatile in what veggies you can put in it, and it really doesn’t take that long to prepare. It’s not as involved as some other foods I’ve seen. Later, I really want to try making chicken parmesan again🤤.

Here is the quote of the day:

For me, I can’t eat healthy 100 percent of the year. There’s obviously those little times where you have to eat something that’s not great for you, but you just need comfort food.”

DeAndre Yedlin

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