There are many people who feel that the Electoral College is an antiquated system for deciding who becomes President and want to see it abolished. I feel that it is still an adequate way to elect a President. It gives all states some kind of say in who will be the new Commander-in-Chief.

The ones who are making the biggest stink about this are the Democrats who got butt-hurt because their anointed choice to succeed Obama, Hillary Clinton lost the election, despite having more popular votes. The same thing occurred in 2000. George W. Bush was elected President, despite losing the popular vote. If the Electoral College were dismantled and elections were decided strictly on popular vote, the winner would invariably be a Democrat, since the highest population centers of the country are highly Democrat/Liberal. Pew Research looked at 51 cities of more than 250,000 people and found that 14 of them were more conservative, while the other 37 were somewhat to highly liberal.

If you look just at 2016, Clinton’s margin over Trump was roughly equal to the population of Los Angeles County. Just New York and LA Counties would nullify the voice of several entire rural states, such as ones in the Midwest.

And then there’s the upcoming election: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden. Dear God, is that even a choice? Two old white creeps (Trump is 74, Biden 77). The question is: which of these sleazy dudes is the lesser of two evils? Honestly, can we just throw away the entire Congress and White House and start over again?

Now, here is the quote for the day:

“Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency despite losing the popular vote, there’s a growing cry to rethink, or even abolish, the electoral college. This would be a mistake.”

William M. Daley

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