The middle of the month of October is upon us. This means that Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. Many kids look forward to the “spooky season”, so that they can dress up in some costume and go around door-to-door begging for treats (isn’t that what it really is?). The adults who like to participate usually get into a costume and go to some party, usually involving alcohol.

Once I got past a certain age, I stopped doing the Halloween thing. Of course, I don’t begrudge anyone who likes to participate. Since reaching my 40s, especially at 48, I really don’t care about any kind of holiday. Being the introvert and homebody that I am, I’ve never been to any kind of Halloween party (nor have I ever been so much as invited). I suppose it’s for the better. I have zero social life, and exactly zero people have any interest in doing anything involving me. Fine, whatever. What really sucks for me is that it’s not so much the idea of going or not going. I think what bothers me the most is the fact that I have never been invited to anything. I never went to a party in high school; I never attended a school dance. I guess the “oh, you wouldn’t go anyway” reason pops up. Even if I decide not to go to an activity, what does it cost to extend an invitation? Just because I’m an introvert, it doesn’t mean I’m a hermit. Introverts like interacting with people, just not in the way extroverts do.

Okay, enough of the pity party. That’s not what I’m here for. This year, due to all the coronavirus nonsense, people are being discouraged from trick-or-treating this year in any way, size, shape or form. The city of Beverly Hills, CA, has gone so far as to completely ban trick-or-treating this year. I also wonder if people are going to have their parties, seeing as how this year Halloween falls on a Saturday night, with the time change at 02:00 Sunday morning. That would mean an extra hour of partying, boozing, or whatever people do at these gatherings. Are they going to take a chance in being known as “spreaders”? Personally, I say go for it. Have your fun. Even though I probably work Sunday morning, the first of November, if I were invited to a party, I might go. I don’t know. Last year some of my co-workers had a party. Of course, there was alcohol available. Many got intoxicated, and I hear that some got kinda wild, as well.

What am I really going to do for Halloween this year? Probably work, since it’s a Saturday, then go home. You know, business as usual. What about you? What are your Halloween plans? Especially this year, with everything already transpired, will you attend a party? Do you plan on wearing a costume? Stay home and distribute candy? Do nothing, since apparently everything is shit this year? Leave me a comment!

And now, the quote of the day:

“I had been terrified of Halloween my entire adult life. Loved it as a kid, but the minute I got out of college, there were little kids at my door demanding candy, which, No. 1, I couldn’t afford, and, No. 2, if I had candy, it would be mine.”

Jen Lancaster

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