From the Past

Looks like I’ve already missed more days posting this month than in September. I had some screwy hours at work this last weekend, and either it was too late or I was too tired to try to write anything. There were corporate visitors at work on Friday, and I worked the overnight shift Thursday night to do some deep cleaning. On top of that, I ended up working extra hours this weekend.

On my way to work some days, I see in the distance hot air balloons flying around. What is so fascinating about balloon travel? That is so freaking 19th century. I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, and I’d probably be scared shitless riding in one. I’m not really acrophobic, but the thought of being hundreds of feet in the air in a wicker basket, with nothing protective around would frighten the hell out of me. If I’m going to participate in air travel, I’d rather be inside an airplane.

Also, what is it with people who like to live in the past? By “living in the past”, I mean these people who like to dress like cowboys and ride horses, or people who do these Civil War re-creations. The Civil War already happened roughly 160 years ago. Why do these knuckleheads think it needs to be reenacted time and time again? Do they think that by fighting some battle repeatedly, they’ll get a different result? Last I checked, time travel wasn’t possible, so there’s no way to change actual history. Why not just read about it, rather than live it? Oh, you know what would be more fun? In reenacting whatever battles these blue and gray wannabes decide on, they should use live ammunition. That way, they can get the full effect of fighting a battle. Use live ammo and die in battle. That’d be the ultimate reenactment!

Back to the cowboy thing, what’s so great about riding a horse? Maybe the only advantage would be to be able to traverse all sorts of terrain. Me? I’ll just drive. My car goes much faster than a horse. Even with horseshoes, asphalt isn’t pleasant for a horse. Imagine being a horse, having some human riding on your back with this leather seat strapped to you. You’re carrying all this unnecessary weight. Would you want someone to strap a saddle onto your back and kick you in the thigh with some sharp spurs? Isn’t that just a form of animal cruelty?

And now, your quote of the day:

“Most people are prisoners, thinking only about the future or living in the past. They are not in the present, and the present is where everything begins.”

Carlos Santana

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