America Today

Well, I guess the inevitable has happened. As much as Donald Trump was saying that the coronavirus was a hoax, that masks weren’t a big deal, it turns out he and his wife have both tested positive for it. Now they have to quarantine for the next two weeks. And this is probably the worst time for him to catch this thing. The election is 32 days away, of which he’ll be out for 14. If the next debate is still held, he’d have to participate via Skype or Zoom. Don’t forget his fundraising stops.

This might be his karma for all the anti-mask sentiment he has held. I’ve seen throughout social media, someone is excited Trump has caught “the ‘Rona” and hopes he dies from it. I don’t wish anyone die, especially from this. Hell, even Biden has sent out his well-wishes to the Trumps. Just because you hate the man’s guts, doesn’t mean you need to wish his demise. I greatly disliked Obama when he was in office, but I wouldn’t wish him dead. I just disagreed with Obama’s political stance.

That’s a big problem in society today: people don’t know how to agree to disagree anymore. The only opinion that matters is theirs, and it’s “my way or the highway”. People don’t want to hear varying opinions. They only want to hear their opinion coming out of someone else’s mouth. Mutual respect has greatly diminished everywhere. It all starts at the top of the government, and trickles down from there. At one time years ago, Congress occasionally would set aside party politics and actually get together on something that was beneficial to the country. Not anymore. Each party in Washington wants what’s best for their party, their own power and position. Not a one of those politicians is looking out for the good of the populace. Fuck all us poor peons. The political divide in this country once was merely a crack in the concrete. Now, it’s opened up wider than the Milky Way Galaxy. Both major political parties are light-years away from each other, with little to no hope of ever compromising on anything. If those supposedly-responsible politicians, most of whom are 60+ years old, can’t agree on anything, how in the hell do they expect the people to come together? Of course, it does not help one bit that the mainstream media is doing nothing but fanning the flames of divide, placing an even bigger wedge in the abyss, rather than trying to unite people.

Politicians (more the Democrats than Republicans, but it does come from both sides) and the media look for everything they can to divide this country—race, religion, employment, ethnic background, sexuality—rather than trying to unite us as Americans. Enough of that hyphenated bullshit of this-American or that-American, inserting your ethnicity of choice. We’re American, plain and simple. Why the need to subdivide the population by identifying ethnic background? Take a white guy like me, born in California and a black person born in, say New York. We’re both simply Americans. Our ancestry shouldn’t factor into the equation. Unfortunately, that’s the America we live in now. Divide and conquer. That’s what the people who are really in charge, hidden in the shadows, behind the scenes, are doing. Sadly, they’re succeeding at this endeavor.

To conclude, here is the quote of the day:

“In addition to the decline in competition, American politics today is characterized by a growing ideological polarization between the two major political parties.”

Thomas E. Mann

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