You don’t realize just how many stupid and/or petty people there are in this world, until you work in a restaurant or retail setting. If you searched stupid customers, you’ll find a wealth of stories from retail workers, servers, fast food people and all other branches of dealing with the public. Let me tell you a couple of my experiences with stupid people and “Karens”.

I was working at Del Taco one time. It was graveyard shift, so all sorts came through the drive-thru. One night, someone asked if the chicken quesadilla had chicken in it. I asked them to repeat to see if it was a joke, and they seemed deadly serious. I thought to myself, “Hey, stupid, it’s literally part of the name!”🤦‍♂️

A server once asked one of our cooks if we could cook a chicken fried steak grilled instead of fried. Um, they come in frozen and already breaded. If they want a hamburger or a steak, we can grill that🤷‍♂️.

At Cracker Barrel, the roast beef dinner is the meat cooked in brown gravy. Once, a server ordered roast beef, no brown gravy, sub country gravy. We had to inform her that it’s already cooked in the gravy, and there’s no way to modify that.

Taco Bell once had as a promotion a quesadilla on a large flatbread, rather than a tortilla. Since the bread was thick, the cheese inside rarely melted when placed on the grill. We’d have to steam the cheese beforehand, so that it was somewhat melted. One woman came to the counter that the cheese in her quesadilla was only partially melted. Now, this bitch would always have something to complain about. I’d dealt with her on more than one occasion, so I basically told her to go somewhere else and she was not welcome back. That fucking thing had the audacity to call corporate and complain that I had 86’d her from the store. Fortunately, I was already quitting a few days after that.

A few years before that, I was a shift manager at a different Taco Bell. One really busy night, a woman in drive-thru was extremely pissed that she was charged extra for her nachos, on which she only wanted a massive amount of cheese and sour cream. She thought, because she was not getting meat or anything else, it shouldn’t cost extra. Sorry, lady, company rules. So, I refunded that item. Then she wanted her whole damn order refunded. I refunded the other item and gave her the money back. Because I’d done them separately, the amount she received was like one cent off. And, she had to bitch about the 01¢. There were three pennies on the counter. I gave them to her and said, “Here, you need this worse than we do.” Everyone inside was mouth agape at the way that woman went off on me. The next day, there was an email about a corporate complaint from that bitch. She said all manner of lies about how I was the belligerent one and was rude and used profanity, nine of which was true. At the very end, she said that oh, by the way, his name was Randy. Funny, my nametag was hanging on a lanyard basically in her face, and she somehow, in her blind rage, misread my name (Ray).What a stupid bitch that gal was. I’m so happy I don’t work dealing directly with customers anymore.

Enjoy today’s very fitting motivational quote:

“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Mark Twain

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