Most people have some kind of pet. Mostly those pets are dogs or cats. Some have other animals, like pot-bellied pigs, geese, snakes, birds, or some other animal. For many of these pet owners, for example dog owners, don’t see that dog as just a pet or just an animal. For them, it’s a part of the family. There’s an emotional attachment to it, and when the time comes that their dog (or cat) dies, it’s a very sad time, not unlike the death of a human relative.

When I was growing up, my dad always had a dog at home. At one time or another, I can remember a couple of Saint Bernards, a couple of Rottweilers, an Alaskan Malamute and a couple of others. As I recall, these dogs were rather well behaved, although I believe one of them got out and ran away. When I was little, probably around 4 or so, the Saint Bernard we had, he was a very playful guy. I thought he was huge, as I was a little brat. It was sad when that doggo died. I’m not sure how he died, but my dad believed it was some people who lived a few houses down who poisoned the dog.

After forming my own family, we obtained a cat. We were at Walmart, and someone was giving some kittens away. My kids fell in love with this little gray tabby, and she was named Sunshine. She was an outdoor cat; love to roam around the yard, but would always come back inside, especially to eat. It turns out she liked hunting mice, as the house we lived in had a few. Unfortunately, being an outdoor cat, she somehow got an infection in her paw that ended up spreading. In 2012, we were moving to our current house, and going back to get some more stuff from the house, Sunshine had died on the kitchen floor. Apparently, she waited until no one was in the house to die, so as not to make anyone sad. Maybe? Do you think cats have that sense of attachment to humans? I guess it’s possible.

A little time passed, and a friend of my daughter’s gave her a little orange tabby, which was named Pumpkin. She was an independent little thing, and liked to play with her little toys, and would seemingly only meow when she wanted her treats. Sadly, though, that cat up and disappeared in 2016. To this day, we don’t know what happened to Pumpkin. We think someone opened the door and let her out, because we searched everywhere in the house, to no avail. Shortly after that, we bought a kitten from a lady, and we named it Cupcake. It was weaned too early from its mom, so we had a friend have her cats teach Cupcake the basics. My daughter still has Cupcake to this day, now over in Kansas. And boy, that cat is, how the kids say, “chonky”. I don’t want to think of the day that Cupcake has to cross the Rainbow Bridge, since my daughter is very attached to her cat. I guess Cupcake is a sort of therapy animal for her. Hopefully, this cat will live a long life, because I like the cat, and for my daughter’s sake.

Please enjoy today’s motivational quote:

“Some people cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”

Oscar Wilde

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