You’re Not Fired?

Do you have someone at work that, when you look at them, you think to yourself, “How in the fuck do you still work here?” At my job, there are several whom I look at and wonder how they’re still employed. Desperation? Teacher’s pet? Something else?

Obviously, I will not name names or refer to genders because I don’t want to cause bad blood. Everyone will be “Person” this, and “they”. More than one person act like they’re God’s gift to the workplace. This because they’ve been there for several years. They think they’re irreplaceable, and some say they absolutely love working with them. I can’t stand them, and merely tolerate their existence. Someone else is a freaking loudmouth; actually there’s more than one, and just their presence already brings morale down.

Do you know someone who constantly complains and bitches about anything, everything and everyone? I work with multiple of those. Never happy unless they complain about others’ job performance. Then there’s the people who absolutely will not multitask. They do one thing at a time, and if things get busy, they freak out, go into meltdown mode, or just up and stop trying. These people’s negativity brings everyone else down with them, because misery loves company. They apparently feel like they need everyone to be miserable to make themselves feel better. I don’t know.

Ever worked with someone who is only interested in helping themselves? Like they don’t know the meaning of teamwork? Their team consists of three people: me, myself and I. If they’re working the next day, they set themselves up to make everything easier, but everyone else be damned. So long as they do what they absolutely have to, or rather get away with doing the absolute least amount of work possible, that’s all that matters.

Obviously, I can’t exclude myself from faulty behavior. I used to be one of those who would lash out rather vocally, dropping F-bombs and slamming shit around everywhere, even going so far as to literally smash my face into a refrigerator door. I’ve never tried to injure anyone physically, but I did make more than one server cry at my outbursts. My response to getting overwhelmed would be to begin spewing my thoughts verbally, sometimes not even realizing what I was saying. It would be mumbles of random foul language and insults, or cutting myself down to utter worthlessness. Since being diagnosed with severe depression and taking antidepressants (let me tell you, Zoloft is a godsend), I’m way more mellow, and I’m not the huge asshole I used to be. I’m just kind of an asshole now. I’m not screaming at everyone, though I do raise my voice when needed. When everything gets busy, I am able to maintain myself and power through. I don’t shut down or completely give up now. I just do the job and make sure I send quality food to customers. People are more understanding about taking longer for their food when they see that it looks good, is hot and tastes right. Quality is always greater than quantity.

Enjoy this motivational quote for today:

“Your intelligence is a fire that can illuminate any darkness. Awaken and let your mind burn so brightly! You are alive for a reason!”

Bruce Lee

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