Recently, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died. You probably read about it, or at least know it happened, judging by the amount of celebrity homages there were on social media. She wasn’t in very good health recently, so it’s really no surprise.

Of course death, no matter who it is, is a sad thing (except for things like Charles Manson—everyone was glad to see that fucker finally die). Ginsberg was very liberal in her politics, appointed originally by Barack Obama.

I saw, as I said, a myriad of posts on the major social media—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—mourning Ginsberg. Nearly all of them were made by people on the liberal left. A few conservatives mentioned it, but not in the “oh my god, the world is falling apart” drama like the left. I respect the opinions of everyone, and they’re entitled to those opinions, though I politically differ most people I knew from school and the famous ones I follow on social media. One person even went so far as to write several reasons why they thought everything would turn to shit if a conservative was appointed to the Supreme Court. I completely disagree with them, but that’s their opinion. Fine.

I don’t put myself into any one political belief. For one, there is no “red” or “blue”. Everything is shades of purple. Not one single politician in Washington is interested in their constituents. They are there for one thing only: their own power and position and all the benefits associated therewith. I think marijuana should be moved down, if nothing else, to a Schedule II drug (currently it’s Schedule I, along with illegal street drugs), decriminalized and regulated like other C-II’s.

Abortion should be available to those who wish, since if abortion were outlawed, those women who want to abort will find less safe methods of achieving their desire. Government, however, should be greatly curtailed and reigned in. It’s way too big and intrusive in our daily lives. Smaller government is better for everyone. Benefits for illegal immigrants should completely end. Enough of that “sanctuary city” bullshit. Many illegals hide under the radar, and just want to earn their living. Fine. But if an illegal commits a crime, automatic deportation! Also, repeal the 14th Amendment. Birthright citizenship is not what it used to be back in the day. Now, people use it to create “anchor babies”. They illegally cross the border, have a kid in an American hospital, so that the kid is automatically a citizen, thereby giving the illegal parents all the benefits. Eliminate the incentives, and illegal immigration will drop like a goddamned rock.

I now end today’s post with this motivational quote:

“The secret to getting ahead is to get started.”

Mark Twain

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