Good Measure

Two-thirds of September have expired. Ten days remain in the month. We only have 102 more days in this shit show called 2020. Depending on the results of the presidential election in November, 2021 may be better or much worse than 2020—seemingly impossible, but there’s always that chance.

I find it quite amusing how many people here in the United States who can’t tell the time unless they’re using the 12-hour, “AM/PM” clock. If I write or tell someone that the time is 17:30, they have absolutely no clue that means it’s five-thirty in the afternoon. Some people ignorantly call it “military time”, as they think only soldiers use a 24-hour clock. Most of the world uses it, as do emergency personnel, hospitals and many people who simply dislike confusion. I use a 24-hour clock on all my timepieces where possible. My phone, watch, computer all go from 00:00 – 23:59. I write the times that way, as well. It uses less characters to write the time in this format.

Many people here also use a single digit for numbers under 10, no matter where they are located. For times and dates, I always include a leading zero. It keeps everything lined up nicely. It’s neater to write 09/20/20 than to omit the zero. And when the first of January rolls around? Instead of the single number one, 01/01/21 continues with the same number of spaces. I remember one guy back in 2001, wrote an invoice for the place I was working, and in the date line, I shit you not, he wrote “1/7/1”. Most people would at least put the “01” for the year back then🤦‍♂️.

How do you write the date? Americans generally use <month day, year>. The month either abbreviated or written out. Not me. I either write my dates as “09/20/20” or “20 Sept 20”. I guess I’m not a good American, since I detest the whole AM/PM system and I don’t write the date “normally”. Do I write like most Americans? No. Do you understand what I’ve written? If you did, there’s no issue. If you didn’t, I suggest you brush up on how people around the world write dates and times. The universe doesn’t revolve around the United States, so your archaic way of writing (and measuring, for that matter) aren’t the only way of writing. Granted, this is a subject for another day, but why in the fuck does the US still use the confusing “standard” system of measurements? Metric is found on every single package you buy that has a weight, length or volume. Only three countries do not use Metric: the US, Liberia and Burma (Myanmar). Our monetary system is base-10; why can’t our system of measurements be as well? I don’t get it, but then I’m just lowly Joe Citizen who the government thinks doesn’t know jack shit🤷‍♂️.

To conclude today, I include today’s motivational quote:

“Make improvements, not excuses. Seek respect, not attention.”
– Roy T. Bennett

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