Day Off & Cooking

Today, being a day off from work, I got laundry caught up and cooked some stuff. My last day off was 12 days ago, as I requested my birthday off. I’d say it was well-deserved.

Since tomorrow is the big day of my daughter’s move, I decided to write her a letter describing my sentiments. I’m much better at writing my thoughts than speaking them (hence why I started my blog back in the day), so I typed what I felt, and I proceeded to get all emotional and have a mental breakdown in the process. I try not to overthink, as it’s one of my downfalls.

Since my daughter will not be able to partake of my cooking for a while, I decided to make something I thought she’d enjoy—pasta. I made a shrimp Alfredo, and before adding the shrimp, I have her separate some of the pasta, as she’s vegetarian. I made extra, because 1) my kids can have dinner tomorrow, as well; and 2) I wanted Whitley to take some of it with her, so she could enjoy it a little later.

I also baked a couple of cakes today. Real simple, boxed strawberry and lemon cakes, one in the form of a “W” (for Whitley, my daughter) and the number 9, as this is September, the ninth month (also my birthday month). Topping the cakes is buttercream frosting, one strawberry, the other lemon, obviously. To make the lemon frosting, I used the juice and zest from a couple of lemons, rather than flavored extract. It just gives the frosting a citrusy flavor and a bit of an acidic zing. I offered her to take some of the cake, as well as the leftover lemon buttercream. She’ll miss my cooking, as I’ll miss what she whips up. I’ve never been disappointed in anything she’s ever made.

With my work schedule, it sometimes gets difficult to actually put something together for dinner, but I really enjoy when my family eats what I make. It’s sort of a fruit of the labor.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about Thanksgiving. Most places are actually closing that day, and I’ll be working all day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the usual dinner from the store I’ve gotten in years past.

For Christmas last year, I made everyone a prime rib dinner (except my vegetarian daughter—she had something called a “celebration roast”). This year is going to be a little awkward with my daughter in another state, but life really does go on.

This post wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory inspirational quote:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Milton Berle

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