Smartphones are wonderful inventions. You carry what used to require dozens of devices in one unit in your pocket. You have a telephone, computer, typewriter, video camera, still camera, music player, radio (in some models), video player and much more in that one little device. You can browse the internet, connect with people around the world and listen to and watch just about anything. Smartphones are great. Until they’re not.

Being the technological marvels they are, it turns out they’re extremely fragile. If you’ve ever dropped your phone, you know the sinking feeling you get when you see it impact the ground, usually with disastrous results. One time, I had a Galaxy S3 and dropped it on the ground at Walmart, breaking the digitizer. It was under warranty, so I sent it in for exchange, but I was without my phone for a couple of weeks.

My youngest son forgot his password for his phone the other day. It had some kind of protection turned on, so it had to factory-reset, losing all of his games in the process. For Android, it used to be that once you factory reset your phone, you were good to go. It seems that Google is now being sneaky. There’s this thing now called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). It’s supposed to make it so that if your phone gets stolen, it’s useless to the thief. Now, with this FRP, even when you factory reset your own phone, if you don’t remember the password, your phone becomes a paperweight. Google forces you to verify that the phone is yours or belongs to someone you trust. If you can’t verify the owner of the phone, you’re fucked.

This is what happened to my son. Unfortunately, he cannot remember his Gmail password, and there was no backup email address or phone number. Currently, that four-year-old LG V20 is unusable. My son is lucky that his brother kept his Galaxy S9 when he recently upgraded. Though the screen is cracked, the phone still works. He can at least play his games and call and text the family.

If it were my phone that stopped working, I’d be nearly a basket case. I have literally thousands of pictures and memes on my phone, not to mention I use it for banking and for checking work schedules. So yeah, there’s a lot to my phone. Of course, between it and the SD card, I have nearly a terabyte of storage. Both the phone and the SD card are 512GB, and the system files take away from the 1TB possible. If I were to ever upgrade, I’d probably go for the LG V60, as it receives 5G and has a dual screen. But, I like my Note9, and I like knowing that I have so much storage available. My phone will never be like the stereotypical iPhone with the “Storage Almost Full” messages🤭.

Here is today’s motivational quote:

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.”
– Henry David Thoreau

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