Many people love to be the perpetrators of practical jokes, and most people hate being the recipients of such jocularity. Life is so stressful and uptight most of the time, so it’s good to have a little release—to do something completely unexpected to keep people on their toes.

One that can be funny is to call (in whatever area code) the number 867-5309 and ask for Jenny. I’m sure, however, that whomever owns that number has heard that one multiple times. By the way, if you call that number in the 435 area code, you will be greeted by a pawn shop in Cedar City, Utah.

Here’s one: run into a room full of people and shout, “Excuse me! I have nothing important to say!” Then, take off. That’ll leave people scratching their heads. When you go to a hospital or an airport, go into the gift shop and ask them for your gift. Tell them you heard they had a gift, and wanted to save them the trouble of finding you.

Here’s one they’ll love you for at Walmart. Get a cart, go up and down every aisle and fill the cart to overflowing with random items from every department. Then, take the cart to the farthest corner, like to the garden section, pretend you’re looking at something and nonchalantly walk away from the cart and leave. After a couple of hours, an employee will find the cart and probably be cursing the person who left that cart there, because now, they have to go back and restock everything.

Want to get a fast food employee to look at you like you’re crazy? Go to a Taco Bell or Del Taco, and ask if their chicken quesadilla has chicken in it.  They’ll do a double take and ask you to repeat, as they’re going to wonder if you really said what you said. Ask them again, with an absolutely straight face. They’ll go into the back of the kitchen to talk about you.

I don’t advise wasting food, but you could go to like Wendy’s and make a huge order, 20 hamburgers, 20 orders of nuggets and a bunch of fries. When you get to the window, tell them you forgot your wallet and leave. They’ll end up with all the fries and chicken cooking and the burgers half-made. The employees will be pissed, that’s for sure.

At a steakhouse, ask them if they can cook the middle of your steak well-done and leave the ends rare. When the server tells the cooks about that absurd question, the cooks will be like WTF? Actually, I heard of a server ask if a chicken fried steak could be served grilled, or someone insist that a hamburger is not the same as a cheeseburger without cheese🤨. And the one about the quesadilla, when I worked at Del Taco, someone actually came through the drive-thru and asked that exact question. When asked to repeat the question, as I thought they were drunk or high (it was graveyard shift), they repeated the question completely serious🤦‍♂️.

How’s about a little motivational quote to end today?

“The time is always right to do the right thing”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

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