I really must learn to schedule a post for when I know I’m working a double shift. I broke my streak yesterday, when I worked like 11 hours, and when I got home, I was dead tired and couldn’t muster up the ambition to write something.

Today was more stressful and tiring at work for me than on days that were busier sales-wise. There was a lot of drama going on, and it was taking a toll on me mentally. Part of the drama was something I’m used to. The other was the ordeal that made things difficult. At my job, there are multiple people who work with family members. I’m a cook, my daughter was a server (today was her last day there before moving next week); there are mother/daughter servers and two who are sisters. Most can work together just fine. There is a couple who work there who have been married for a little while. Recently, they’ve been having marital problems, and they don’t, unfortunately, know how to separate their work lives from their personal lives. I’m not going to delve into details, but suffice it to say there’s a lot of friction between them. Unfortunately, it’s affecting their work performance and morale in the workplace. She sees herself as all high-and-mighty, partly because she’s worked there for several years. He has a problem of letting little things get to him normally, and when they start talking (or texting), his attitude goes south, and gives up and doesn’t give a shit about anything.

This is part of the reason why many businesses frown on nepotism—relatives working together. Many places absolutely will not hire relatives of employees. Most of the time, it is rightly so. Either favoritism sprouts or separation of work and personal lives is non-existent. Most employers also disapprove of romantic relationships between co-workers. It may start off fine, but if the relationship sours, bad juju and vibes appear and can affect everyone else. Think about it like produce—apples, potatoes, onions, berries, etc. When one in the bunch begins to go bad and/or moldy, soon the others surrounding the offending fruit or vegetable begin to decay as well. You’ve heard the cliché “one bad apple can spoil the bunch”. One toxic co-worker can cause a chain reaction and everyone begins to suffer.

It seems like just about everywhere I’ve worked there’s someone trying to date one of their co-workers. I’ve even heard stories of people having sex on the roof of their workplace, or in the walk-in cooler, or other assorted space. Why anyone would do that, risking getting caught by a supervisor, or trying to find a place off-camera to “do the deed”? Is it a thrill for them? Are they that pent-up and horny that they can’t go to their car or their residence? Oh well. To each their own, I guess.

A motivational quote for your enjoyment:

“Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things, they save you.”
– Chuck Palahniuk

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