First of all, I want to thank everyone who viewed my post yesterday about 9/11. A total of 181 people viewed that post, which is more than I usually see. I never imagined that my simple thoughts would, even once, generate so much interest. Again, thank you very much. Please keep returning and reading my thoughts.

With all the social media posts about “remember 9/11” on social media, from all people with different political leanings, it makes me sad to think that actual unity is very difficult to come by.

The political landscape of the United States is terribly divided. There are two main parties, Democrat and Republican. So-called third parties are non-existent in Congress, and usually don’t have much of a prayer in national elections. Election Day is coming, and people have to pick which of the two candidates is the lesser of two evils for them, because either way, this country is screwed.

Political division has always existed in the United States. However, there was a time when both parties could temporarily set aside their differences for the greater good of the country. Unfortunately, those times anymore are times of national emergency or catastrophe. I think the last time people were truly blind to politics, race, religion, etc., was in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, nineteen years ago. On that day, and for a period afterwards, everyone came together and helped each other out. For a brief time, there was no Democrat or Republican, no black or white, no Christian and atheist. Everyone was just simply American. It was a wonderful sight to see. Sadly, that feeling has subsided, and the political divide in 2020 is wider than the distance between the Earth and the Moon, seemingly. In Congress, Democrats and Republicans hash out their bills and whatnot, the other side refuses to cooperate, then each faction digs their heels in further. It’s a political tug-of-war, but instead of a rope, they’re pulling at the American populace, their constituents, to whom they’re supposed to be responsible. Unfortunately, the leeches in Congress are only there for their own power and political-slash-financial gain. They don’t give two shits about the people, as long as they stay in office for as many years or decades as possible. In the political wrestling ring, it’s like a Battle Royale between Democrats and Republicans, each fighting the other to the death.

It used to be that Republicans were actually on the right and Democrats on the left. Now, everyone has shifted roughly 90°, Republicans more in the middle, a huge abyss, then Democrats so far left they think they’re leaning right. Like I said before, the abyss is just about as wide as the space between Earth and its Moon. Because politicians are so far divided, the people—the citizenry—are equally as divided in many places. Media love to exacerbate the division by sensationalizing racial disparities and not report on the things that unite people. Good news doesn’t sell or capture viewers. They have to have their fearmongering and panic to get their various audiences. You have the mainstream Media over on one side doing this. Then there’s Fox. They’re just as bad, but from a different direction. If this is how you want to define “united”, I’d sure as hell hate to see what separated or divided looks like.

Here’s today’s motivational quote to finish off:

“Good people see the good and bring out the best in other people.”
– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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