Tomorrow, the United States commemorates the somber 19th anniversary of the terrorist bombings of 11 Sept 2001. Nineteen years have passed, and this country has been changed ever since. Gone are the days of accompanying your family member to the gate at the airport. Now, everyone goes through metal detectors, X-ray machines, take off your shoes, just to get into the boarding area. You can’t go past the TSA screening area without a boarding pass in-hand. Gone are the days of expected privacy, as we know that the NSA and the rest of the government is spying on everyone. You can’t even take anything sharp in your carry-on. I don’t think you can even take a bottle of water with you, unless you buy the uber-expensive ones at the airport gift shops.

Everyone who was old enough at the time remembers where they were when they learned about the attacks on 09/11/01. It’s kinda like the JFK assassination—those who were old enough remember exactly where they were at the time. On that Tuesday morning of 09/11/01, I was living (for a short period) in Cedar City, Utah. At the time the first plane struck the tower, I was sleeping. Later, I was at the employment office looking for a job. The TV was on, and showing the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. My first thought was, “Oh, another plane crash”. Shortly afterwards, I learned what was happening. I turned on the TV at home, and was watching as the first tower collapsed, followed an hour later by the other tower falling.

I recall talking to my dad on the phone that day. At the time, my family consisted of my wife and daughter (she was 2 in Sept. 2001). The FAA had already grounded all air traffic over the US; I told my dad on the phone that if things got any worse, I’d haul my family across the border to Mexico to catch a flight to Brazil. Fortunately, nothing else happened that day. No one had to go anywhere. Too bad it took 10 years to catch and kill that Bin Laden fucker that masterminded the whole thing.

It’s still weird to this day to think that nearly 3000 people died that day. From what I’ve read, something like 1100 bodies have never been found. I’ll bet several hundred of them are the people that were in the planes that crashed into the towers. In those huge explosions, the bodies were probably vaporized, or cremated due to the tremendous heat. Unfortunately, as with the victims of the missing MH-370 flight, the bodies will never be found. By the way, where the hell is that Malaysia Airlines plane? After 6½ years, only bits and pieces have been found. Did sharks eat the people? We might never know.

I finish this post today with this motivational quote:

“Finding one important thing in your life doesn’t mean you have to give up all the other important things.”
– Paulo Coelho

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