Writer’s Block

I am just an amateur writer. I do it as a form of mental health therapy. I am in no way an illustrious blogger with thousands of followers (my Ray’s Rants of the Week blog hasn’t even quite gotten to 100), and I really don’t do it to make anything off from it. However, there comes a time when I get stumped as to what to write.

Even the most prolific and successful authors have their bouts of writer’s block. My blogs are not specific to any one subject. I go all over the place, writing about whatever ideas come to mind, or I find out there on the Internet. At the same time, I don’t want to seem repetitive and begin re-posting ideas I already wrote about. After some time has passed, I might do an update or rehashing of a previous post subject. I try, however, to stay unique in material. As such, it feels like I run out of ideas. I don’t want to make every post about myself or my mundane life, although during the Coronavirus shutdowns, I wrote a daily journal-type entry that I entitled “Quarantine Files”, which, after I started working again, morphed into “After the Quarantine”. Around a month or so of that title, it changed again, and “Preposterous Ponderings of a Perpetually Perplexed Person” was born, titular alliteration and all.

Is my writing famous? No. Am I popular? No. There are a faithful few people who read and like my writing. As I said, I never intended to gain fame from this, but I find it interesting that my blogs have been seen by at least one person in a couple dozen countries. And for some reason, it seems my posts about food are the ones that get the most views and/or likes. I see a lot of blogs filled with ads, and have a nice layout, with a static front page with links to different parts, categories, and whatnot, all nice and organized. I don’t want to do ads, because I hate ads. I see ads in the weirdest places. Even on my phone, in the default weather or Samsung Music app, there are freaking ads all over the place. We’re bombarded with ads from all sides. That’s one reason I don’t want to do anything like that. I want someone reading my posts to not be distracted by all those stupid flashy ads. People came to read what I write, not go buy something based upon some internet search they did or something they mentioned out loud while their phone was listening. Hopefully anyone who reads my posts will like them, and let others know about me. Someday perhaps the right person will read by stuff and decide that I might be worth something to invest in. Maybe?

Please enjoy today’s motivational quote:

“My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary.”
– Martin Luther

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