Labor Day weekend 2020 is definitely going down in the record books. For one, it’s been one of the strangest years ever seen. This weekend was also one of the hottest I’ve seen in a long time. This whole summer has been one gigantic heatwave. Mother Nature turned the oven on and forgot to turn it off. That is, until tomorrow for some places.

I thought the heat this weekend here at home was bad. I mean, 110° is miserable, but Los Angeles County saw its hottest day ever yesterday in the city of Woodland Hills, at 121° (50°C)—only two degrees shy of Death Valley. Frankly, anything over body temperature is unbearable in my book. I still can’t imagine how blistering that heat must have been. Here in southern Utah, our high today was like 105°, and tomorrow is supposed to drop to a wonderful high of 70°, only to rebound to 100° for the rest of the week. No matter, I’ll still take the break from the heat.

Denver, Colorado, is going through some bipolar weather, as well. Where they were baking in 100° over the weekend, tomorrow they’re looking at snow. Doesn’t that almost sound like an oxymoron? Snow in summer (technically we’re still in summer for about a couple more weeks). Does Mother Nature need some bipolar meds?

As I look out my bedroom window, I see a strange, murky looking sky, the sun shining a yellow-orange shade, from what appears to be smoke from (probably) all the fires that are going on in California. With any luck, there’ll be some wind tomorrow to blow the smoke outta here🤞. Looking forward toward winter, I hope this year, there is rain, some snow and cold. I would hate a repeat of a couple of years back, I think around 2017, when the winter in Utah was very mild. That year, I don’t think there was one single really cold day. Okay, December 2013 was quite cold, reaching as low as –1° here one night, and I really don’t want winter to be that cold. Seeing highs in the 40s would be great; I don’t want to see no 60° Christmas around here. This reminds me of one last little story. I was working graveyard shift at this gas station about 20 – 25 years ago. This one night in December, a guy walks in and bellows, “I thought St George was always hot”. I thought to myself, “Well, during the summer, it is, but it’s the middle of the night in December. It’s going to be cold, you dumbfuck🤦‍♂️.”

And, to end today’s post, a motivational quote:

“Achievement has no color”
– Abraham Lincoln

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