Labor Day

For those of you not working in retail or restaurants, your long Labor Day weekend is here. For those who are having a baby this weekend, it really is “labor day” for you😂!

The goddamned infernal heat has returned this weekend, as if it were summer’s “last hurrah”. I guess if this weekend is considered the final weekend of the summer season (technically that’s not for a couple more weeks when the official beginning of fall kicks off), the summer wants to get in one final blast of extremely hot weather.

Who really gets Labor Day off, though? As far as I know, only banks and government offices close. If Labor Day is supposed to be a day off to celebrate the strength of labor forces, why does everyone still have to work🤔? I know that where I work at Cracker Barrel, Labor Day is one of the busier days of the year. Although, with the whole pandemic bullshit and some places still doing remote learning for school, all bets are off. I know today was hectic and busy.

Did you know that Labor Day originated way back in 1882? A labor union in New York wanted to show off the strength of their workforce. That was 138 years ago. Now, our “celebration” of Labor Day is to labor all day😵. Actually, for me that’s the day after, working an 11-hour shift on Tuesday.

When I was growing up in the 1980s in California, school used to begin just after Labor Day and ended sometime in June. In fact, my graduation was I believe around 21 June 1990. Today, most schools on a traditional calendar begin in August and end in May. Some schools go year-round, getting a 3-week break after 9 weeks in school. Whatever works, I guess.

Well, if you’re lucky enough to get a long weekend, please enjoy responsibly and drive safely. There are a lot of nutjobs and wackos out on the roads. If you plan to partake in adult drinks, for the love of god, don’t drive! Enough people have already been killed or otherwise fucked up because of drunk drivers. We don’t need anyone else becoming a statistic or have their lives turned upside down because some dumb-ass thought it’d be a good idea to drive home after downing a few too many.

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