There has always been some kind of division in this country, be it racial, ethnic, monetary, sexual, religious, or a myriad of other ways. There are those who would really like to see more unity, everyone getting along, but they are, unfortunately, few and far between.

Especially in government, they look for any possible way to divide the country a little bit finer than previously. Look at race. These people born in this country should ideally be called Americans. For some reason, though, there has to be some kind of hyphenated description. African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latin-Americans, and so forth. Just because a person is black doesn’t mean a damn thing. They may not have African ancestry. Maybe they’re a third- or fourth-generation American. There are, after all, many lightly-complected people in Africa.

Instead of focusing on the things that unite all of us, the mainstream media looks for everything that can possibly separate and divide people and cause more and more tension. Isn’t that what their game is? Most of the media is extremely far-left liberal and in bed with the Communists Liberals in Washington. If the media reported about good news and people getting along, viewers and readers would react in a rather “ho-hum” way. By sensationalizing the problems that happen, it gets people interested in watching, and it incites public reaction. A white person killing a black person is plastered all over the television and internet. If the situation is reversed—a black person killing a white—the media says nearly nothing. Maybe there’s a 30-second blurb right before a commercial, said in passing.

If I’m not mistaken, more black people are killed by other blacks. You don’t hear about that on CBS, NBC or ABC news. Why? There’s no reaction. Americans, as a whole, have been conditioned into believing whatever they see on the nightly news or on their social media feeds, especially if a celebrity makes mention. Whatever happened to people doing their research, questioning things they read and thinking critically? Oh, yeah, that involves thinking and work, and no immediate gratifying answer. Instead of thinking for themselves, most Americans want to be spoon-fed all the news and information Big Brother wants them to believe.

Much as some don’t want to believe, the former “middle class” in this country are disappearing. There are the “upper class” millionaires and multi-billionaires and their disgustingly high net-worths (like Jeff Bezos, who is one-fifth of the way to being a trillionaire), and then there are the destitute poor who are homeless and own nothing. Between these extremes are the “working poor”. These used to be middle-class. Unfortunately, prices rise much faster than wages, so in some places, housing costs exceed 50% of monthly income. In fact, in the cheapest place, to rent a two-bedroom unit, you have to be making over $14 an hour—nearly twice the federal minimum wage, which, by the way, has not increased in 11 years. While us working saps are lucky if we scrape by paycheck to paycheck, Congress votes against minimum wage increases, while voting to increase their own pay multiple times. It’s a government of the people and by the people, but it sure as hell ain’t for the people. It’s more like “fuck the people.”

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