Goodbye August

Congratulations! We’ve reached the end of August. Eight months of this shit show called 2020 are over. Tomorrow is 01 Sept, and if you’ve forgotten, your rent is due. I have to pay mine this week.

What can I say as final thoughts for this month? I guess it wasn’t a terrible month. The individual retailer mask mandate is bonkers; I mean, at least here in southern Utah, you can’t go to any grocery store without having some kind of something to cover your face. Most major retailers are the same way. Someone on my Facebook “friends” list, who is a very staunch Republican and vehement anti-mask person once posted that neither he nor his family have given a cent to a business that requires a mask and never will. Okay, I think to myself, where is he buying groceries then? Where does he get anything? Almost everywhere around here requires a mask of some kind to enter.

I mean, I hate wearing a mask as much as anyone, but if I’m going into a business that requires one, then I put one on. I’m required to wear one while working, and I do, even though I absolutely hate it. The mask gets sweaty and begins to reek before the end of my shift. For some strange reason, even having brushed my teeth in the morning, after a couple of hours, my breath begins to have an unpleasant smell to it. Fortunately for everyone else, the mask keeps them from experiencing that foul aroma. I was buying breath mints for a little while, and that helped. However, I’ve slacked off on buying them. I wish Walmart had a larger pack of mints that had a variety of flavors, not just 8 rolls of one flavor. I usually get some spearmint Breath Savers, but I don’t need multiple rolls of that one. The gas station I buy them at only carries the one type. I’d love to find a variety pack of spearmint, peppermint and wintergreen. Some of the other brands of mints are way too chalky for my liking, or they’re the same price as a king-size candy.

Changing the subject for a second, the heat is beginning to subside a little around here. I don’t think we even got to 100° today. Unfortunately, this coming weekend is seeing a return of 110°🥵🤬, with the last 100° day not forecasted until around the 12th. A week ago, the last 100° day was supposed to be this Wednesday. Summer just does not want to let go at all. Can we please just get this whole summer bullshit over, and turn Nature’s A/C back on? I’ve been over the heat since before it even began.

Now, I end the month with this motivational quote:

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
– Dean Karnazes

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