Time’s Passage

How is it we’re almost to the end of August already? Two days from now is the beginning of September😱 (“level 9 of Jumanji”?🤔). Holy buckets. Though the year has been a huge shit show, every month seemingly worse than the previous one—and March/April feeling like they lasted twelve years—we’re just about two-thirds of the way through the year. Let’s just hope that 2021 isn’t just a remix of 2020🤞.

I was looking back at the month of August here on this blog of mine. My challenge was to write something every day. Obviously, I failed at this, having missed five days this month, usually due to long hours at work or some other bullshit distraction. I’m going to strive to improve in September. I need to do like in my Ray’s Rants of the Week blog, and that is to write several posts and save them for future posting. If I didn’t have to do ten million things on my one day off from both jobs, it’d be much easier. Okay, I guess those are just excuses🤭. Seriously, though, I need to improve on my performance.

Labor Day in the US is just around the corner, a week from tomorrow. That means there are about 62 days until Halloween, 88 days until Thanksgiving, 117 days until Christmas and 124 days until 2021. Sixty-five days from now will be the day of reckoning when we find out which old white pervert is going to be elected the 46th president of the US, and in 143 days that person will be inaugurated. You know what I’m looking forward to for September and October? The weather to start cooling the fuck off. This last month of 100 – 115° heat has been enough, and I’m way over it🥵. I can’t wait for the upcoming winter and the 40° highs and 20° lows🥶! I really wish there was a place in this world where the weather is like 50° all year long.

I don’t want extreme cold—below-zero weather is too cold for my liking—but I really dislike the heat, even though I’ve lived in this god-forsaken desert and hot summers for the last 30 years🤯. Every year it’s the same heat, and every year I bitch about it🤦‍♂️. Hopefully sometime in the next few years I can get shit together to actually be able to move somewhere else. Though I hate the thought of having to pack all our shit and start over somewhere else—I’ve been at my job at Cracker Barrel for 6 years now—I really detest southwest Utah summers, and the whole overbearing influence of the state’s predominant religion is quite ridiculous, to say the least.

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