Is it just me, or do we really suffer with more aches and pains as we get older? Is it because our bodies are slowly falling apart, they’re wearing down until, like a machine, there’s no more hope of repair, ending ultimately in mechanical (bodily) failure?

I’ve noticed in my case that a work shift wears me out more easily. When I used to be able to work a 12-hour day with no issues, now just a 7-hour shift can cause my feet and back to be rather painful. I know my feet hurt a lot because I have flat feet. The arch that most people have in their feet is nonexistent in mine. I’m supposed to use orthotic shoes, or at least insoles, but the good insoles, like the ones made by Dr. Scholl’s, are $50 a pair at Walmart. No matter whether I have the insoles or not, I have to have wide-width shoes. Any shoes that people review as having “terrible arch support” would probably work for me.

There have been many a day where, after getting off work and walking around Walmart to buy something, by the time I’m checking out, I’m already limping and hobbling with bad lower back pain. Sometimes removing my wallet from my back pocket when I’m driving eases the pain in my butt when I’m sitting, especially on a long road trip. Perhaps I have some mild sciatica as well?

Fortunately, my leg doesn’t bother me as a result of being hit by a car back in 1989. There’s still a bump on my leg where it broke, and that ankle is weaker than the other one (if I squat, I have to support myself with my left leg), but there’s no residual pain. The problem spot for me now is my arm. My right arm has a near-constant dull ache. When I try to lift my arm in the wrong direction, the pain is quite excruciating. Sometimes I have to support my arm with my other hand. Even just having my arm by my side can be painful. A doctor once told me that, from my description of the pain I’ve felt, it sounds like a torn or injured rotator cuff. From what I’ve researched online, that probably is the case. I can’t afford to have surgery (neither financially, nor to take the time off work), so I’ve been living with the pain for the last 7 – 8 years. I take ibuprofen to dull the pain so I can work, but I’m probably killing my kidneys taking around 1600 – 2000 mg of ibuprofen daily. The maximum daily dosage is 3000 mg, so at least I’m not OD’ing on the stuff. I just wish I could go one day at work without needing to take any pain reliever😔.

Let’s end today’s post with this motivational quote:

“Be the positive impact on the lives of others.”
– Roy T. Bennett

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