Have you ever arrived late to work? Or maybe plumb slept right through your alarm? That happened to me today. It’s not something that happens too often; in fact, it is a very rare occurrence. But, today it happened.

It has to do with my late-Sunday-night trip to Las Vegas. Working yesterday after less than 4 hours’ sleep, I finished my nine-hour shift, came home, made burgers for dinner, and made my post for yesterday. Shortly after finishing writing, since I was halfway falling asleep while writing, I decided to go to bed. That was at around 19:30. When I have to get up at 04:30 for work, I try to lie down by 21:30, so that was way early for me. I slept through the night, getting up a couple of times to use the bathroom. The last time was around 02:00. “Cool, a couple more hours,” I thought, as I returned to bed. Next thing I know, my phone is ringing. My blind ass can’t see the screen worth a damn without my glasses, but I recognize the colors of the Cracker Barrel logo. I answered to my manager telling me it was 06:10—I was supposed to be to work at 06:00. I got up and got ready, and when I got to work, it was like 06:50. So I arrived nearly an hour late. My 04:30 alarm went off, but I slept right through it.

When awakening late, many people go into a panic, hastily get dressed and leave. Notoriously, they forget something important, be it a wallet, phone or whatever else. Fortunately, everyone at work knows how punctual I am, and that if I am late without calling ahead, something is not right. And because I am very rarely late, it’s understood and I don’t get in trouble. I got ready for work, but I didn’t rush myself. I didn’t dilly-dally like I sometimes do, checking out Facebook or whatever for a couple of minutes. Surprisingly, I managed to go about my work day without too much of a hitch. All in all, for starting the day off on the wrong foot, things ended up quite well for me.

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