You probably noticed that I missed posting yesterday. Sunday, 23 Aug was definitely to be categorized as a clusterfuck.

Work started out fine. My daughter asked me to take her to pick up her boyfriend at the airport in Las Vegas. At first, he was to land at around 17:00. I told her I was reluctant, as I had to open this morning, but that I would, since I’d have time to come back home and sleep. Before leaving work, I find out his original flight was canceled, and he’d be arriving at around 19:30. Begrudgingly, I went. I had a feeling I should have used the car my son just acquired, a Mercury Tracer. I didn’t go with my gut, and I took my old, tired, workhorse van. Big mistake.

The drive started normally. About 30 minutes into the trip, I’m driving on I-15, through the Virgin River Gorge in extreme northwest Arizona. I hear this loud rattling noise coming from the front. I pull off the road to look, and I notice the van’s skid plate flapping in the wind, held on by one bolt on either side, attached to the bumper. I try to maneuver it around, and we resume. It starts again; I stop. Repeat process. The noise stopped, and we kept going. About five miles before Mesquite, Nevada, another loud ruckus, this time from the back. I pull over yet again, and the rear bumper is hanging, almost falling off. After attempting unsuccessfully to reattach the bumper properly (it has become bent and unable to return to its original shape), I got it as close as possible, and had my daughter duct-tape it in place. It looks like hell, but it’s still attached, for now. Who would’ve thought my van’s rear bumper would try to yeet itself in the middle of the desert? I told my daughter that if it tried to come off again, I’d just rip the damn thing off and leave it in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, it stayed in place the rest of the trip.

I drove slower than usual, in order to minimize additional damage. Got to Vegas much later than I hoped. Picked the boyfriend up and returned home. Fine. The daughter wants to make a quick stop at a dispensary. This is at 22:00 Utah time. Had I known they would have been half an hour to get in and buy their merchandise, I would never have agreed.

At this time, our phones are alerting us to a flash flood warning back in southern Utah. On the return trip, an electric highway sign alerts us to the freeway closed at the south end of St. George, Utah. Sure enough, we’re detoured off the freeway and back on a mile or so down the road. I guess that stretch of highway had gotten flooded. I finally got to bed around 01:00, getting up for work 3½ hours later.

The parking lot at work was a wet, muddy mess. All over the city last night, police were out trying to keep people off the streets. Some cars were inundated in the deluge, some sinkholes formed, and it was overall a wild, windy night. Today ended up just hot and humid🥵😵. This was just another in a long list of things that are totally upside down and screwed up in the year 2020.

In closing, here’s today’s motivational quote:

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
– Bill Watterson

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