What happened to basic mathematics in school? It used to be that you would learn the basics and then add on from there. Kids used to learn their multiplication tables, simple adding and subtracting, division, fractions and whatnot. Thanks to this thing called Common Core, math is no longer a straightforward process.

Kids used to learn that 12-7=5, or 21×11=231. Easy to figure out. Now everything has some weird roundabout way of doing stuff. I’ve seen pictures online that completely boggle my mind. One showed the homework: “use a number line to add”. Huh? How does a number line help in this? Or subtract by adding”🤨. What the fuck? How does someone complete a math process by doing the exact opposite?! That’s like the bank saying they’re going to withdraw money from your account by depositing🤦‍♂️. Some of this shit makes no sense.

I’ve seen notes from parents in these photos that say that there’s no way in hell they would understand this, much less their kids. One guy was a literal rocket scientist, and he couldn’t figure out his kid’s second-grade math. How do you mark wrong when a kid expands 3×5 as 5+5+5, when the teacher says it should be 3+3+3+3+3. Does this teacher not get the commutative property? Both are correct. How is that wrong? Or “is 75 a good estimate for 103-28?” Kid’s answer: “Yes, it’s reasonable because 103-28-75”. Get this: the teacher marked the kid wrong because he was supposed to estimate. They knew the fucking answer! And they still got it wrong?! Maybe I’m old, and this is the new way of figuring out math. If they had this shit when I was a kid, I would’ve failed math and forever hated it, and math was one of my strongest subjects!

Nah, this has nothing to do with a new-fangled way of learning. It’s just another part of the dumbing-down of America’s kids. Just teach kids how to take a test; teach them enough to do the menial work and run the registers, but not enough to teach critical thinking and how to form a cogent argument against the will of their government and corporate masters. Teach them that they must accept shitty jobs with no future, that hard work is unnecessary and that to be intelligent and exceptional is unacceptable—that mediocrity is perfectly fine, and that no one has to strive for anything, so long as they look good in their social media selfies, and they have so-many-thousand followers of their TikToks and Snapchats.

Here’s today’s motivational quote:

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
– Marilyn Monroe

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