Have you ever stopped to wonder how much technology has advanced in the few decades? Computers at one time used to take up entire rooms which had to have air conditioning to function, as they generated a lot of heat. Today, practically everyone carries a miniature computer in their pocket, in the form of a smartphone, regardless of manufacturer or operating system.

Even cellular phones have advanced by leaps and bounds since the hard-wired “car phones” of the 70s and the “brick phones” of the 1980s. They’ve gone from a tiny 10-digit “seven-segment” LED number readout to 6” screens that can play full-length movies in 4K quality. I’ve shared a meme before that is a picture of a guy surrounded by literally 20 different devices (radio, cassette player, CD player, calculator, VCR, etc.) which now are all contained in one device that fits in our pocket. The picture to which I am referring can be found on post #38 of my Ray’s Rants of the Week blog, post “The Struggle Was Real”.  

Even watches have taken on a technological advance of their own. Apple Watches and Galaxy Watches connect to your phone and can do many useful things. I own a Galaxy Watch, and I can use it to make and receive phone calls and texts; if I wore it all night, it could analyze my sleep patterns. One other thing I like about my watch is that it is waterproof, in that I could wear it while taking a shower, swimming or doing dishes, without worrying about ruining it. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement for anything, but if you can afford the price tag, a smartwatch is a pretty good investment; at least, for me it has been. I bought mine through T-Mobile, as they’ve been my wireless carrier for 15 years now. I bought it because I can pay for it on my bill over a two-year period, which I only have like 4 more payments to make on it. I mean, paying $15 a month is much easier than shelling out $300 in one pop.

And then there’s the games. Who has a smartphone and doesn’t have at least one game installed? Mine has some solitaire-type games, a Yahtzee-type game and Chuzzle 2, and a couple of others. Chuzzle is by far the one I play most. I could never get into some of the games out there, mainly because so many of them are either beyond my comprehension, or just not appealing to me.

To finish off, here’s today’s random motivational quote:

“Most don’t deserve your tears… and the ones that do will never make you cry.”
– T. Rafael Cimino, Table 21

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