I’ve mentioned before in probably more than one of my Ray’s Rants of the Week posts how much I despise traffic. People are so damned stupid when they get behind the wheel🤦‍♂️.

I’m not sure how some of these drivers got their licenses to begin with. Do they find them inside a cereal box or a box of Cracker Jacks? Like on Wednesday morning on my way to work, I got stopped at a red light before entering the freeway. This dude in a lifted truck decides to use the left turn lane to try to get ahead of traffic at the light, wedging himself between a couple of cars about two ahead of me, partially blocking the turning lane. I’m like, dude, are you in that big a fucking hurry?  What did you gain by that move, three car-lengths? A mile up the road, the road goes from two to three lanes for the freeway on-ramp. He could’ve zipped around someone then.

A few minutes later, I got to work and while walking toward the door of work, waiting for the manager to show up, I hear tires screech and a bang, like there had been an accident. I walked to where I could see, and sure enough, two cars had collided at the red light about a block or so away. I thought about reporting the accident, but I was sure someone already had, and a few minutes later, I see motorcycle cops show up and eventually a fire engine. For some reason, in southern Utah, one of the biggest culprits of traffic accidents is impatience when trying to turn, especially turning left.

Hell, even on the freeway people have no goddamned patience. An on-ramp merge is like a fight to the death, as many drivers refuse to slow down a little or move over to allow a merging car in. It’s like it’s their fucking birthright to own the lane, and anyone who wants to get ahead be damned. Others will turn in front of you and make you slam your brakes, just because they don’t want to wait. Then there’s the people who wait until the last moment to move over when there’s a sign way ahead announcing a lane closure.

One of the absolute biggest assholes on the road are the “brake checkers” who think it’s hilarious to brake, in order to make the car behind them slam on their brakes, possibly causing an accident. I’ve seen many a YouTube video of dashcam recordings of horrific drivers. Why anyone in their right minds will try to “brake check” a semi truck is beyond me🙄🤦‍♂️.

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